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Charlotte Rule

Senior SEO Analyst

Charlotte graduated from JMU with a Communications degree in 2016. After working as an independent contractor in the cybersecurity, hospitality, and professional racing industries, she joined a marketing consulting group with a large portfolio of senior living communities.

Charlotte initially started on the traditional marketing side of the business, but then quickly realized that digital marketing is her passion. From there, she became a generalist in digital marketing before specializing in SEO and has not looked back since. When she's not working, you can find Charlotte outside in the sunshine, taking her little sidekick Maisie on long walks, cooking, or exploring the endless restaurants and breweries in Richmond.

Favorite Artist


Favorite Restaurant

En Su Boca

Favorite TV Show

The Office

My favorite part about digital marketing is how nothing is ‘final.’ Best practices and opinions are constantly changing. To be successful, you need to evolve simultaneously with the industry.