Daryl Fanelli

SEO Team Lead

“I live for the emotional moments. Nothing energizes me more than the smile on a team member’s face when they’ve solved a challenging problem or the glint in a client’s eye when they’ve achieved a major milestone. That ‘catastrophe averted’ sigh of relief is music to my ears.”

Since 2016, Daryl Fanelli has been on a mission to prove that words are power in a digital landscape. After nurturing her love of language at The New School and Pepperdine University, where she received her M.F.A. in poetry and B.A. in creative writing with minors in journalism and film, she turned to SEO as a digital marketing discipline.

Daryl is obsessed with uncovering the connection between word choice and conversions and takes joy in using data to demonstrate the value of a well-rounded SEO strategy. She has worked with both small and large businesses and is thrilled to share her knowledge with others as an SEO Team Lead at Workshop Digital.

In her spare time, Daryl likes to curl up with a good book, watch a spooky movie, strike a yoga pose, or dance the night (or day) away.


Dream Vacation



Favorite Hobby

Writing, reading, dancing, and yoga


Favorite Foods

Sushi and Thai