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Hannah Budnik

Senior SEO Analyst

Hannah joined the Workshop Digital team in March of 2021. After graduating with her MBA from Radford University with a focus on management and entrepreneurship, she has used her business background to align digital marketing strategies with business strategies as a whole. From implementing SEO and PPC strategies, to building a SaaS platform for easy digital ad development, Hannah is excited to bring her 7+ years of well-rounded digital marketing experience to her SEO Analyst position with Workshop Digital.

When she’s not diving deep into the world of SEO, you’ll likely find Hannah outside - she fills her weekends with snowboarding and surfing trips, and weekday evenings with running and disc golf.

Favorite Podcast

Critical Role or Sundowners Podcast

Favorite Restaurant

Yaya’s Cookbook

Favorite TV Show

The X Files

My favorite part of digital marketing is the interconnectedness of every facet. SEO opportunities can pop up in PR strategy; content development can lead to improved CPC; even community volunteer work can be a source for social media amplification. Finding these connections is how you grow a digital strategy, and having a clear understanding of a company’s “Big Picture” is imperative.