Jason Zimmerman

Senior Paid Media Manager

“My diverse background in all aspects of digital marketing gives me the ability to take a holistic view of my clients’ needs in order to provide optimal campaign strategies.”

Jason began his career working in marketing departments on creative teams as a website designer and developer. Those early years implementing SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization strategies into websites triggered his interest in learning how to create marketing content that didn't just look pretty, but also helped companies achieve their marketing goals.

Now with 15 years of digital marketing experience under his belt he uses all the tools at his disposal to run paid media campaigns that effectively communicate his clients' benefits while speaking to their customers' wants and needs.

Outside of work, you'll most likely find Jason and his wife fostering rescued kittens so they can be healthy, socialized and adopted into their forever homes.


Favorite Season



Favorite Animal

I Love Cats


Favorite TV Show

Twin Peaks