Josh Shapiro

Business Development Manager

“I’ve always had a passion for our clients to celebrate wins and there’s no better industry to do so than digital marketing. The transparency data provides allows us to quickly adapt and embrace being 10 steps ahead for our clients. There’s no better collaboration than a business looking to succeed and a marketing team that is energized by an evolving ecosystem keeping us accountable.”

Josh earned his degree in 2015 at Southern Illinois University and got an immediate jump start in the digital marketing industry. He embraces clients' success bringing over 8 years of industry experience with an emphasis on Google Ads, SEO, Paid Social, and Analytics. He considers himself a data Jedi by day and a dog dad by night. Being able to problem solve and identify areas of growth for clients is a true passion of his.

While not at work, Josh enjoys adventurous hikes with his dogs, spending quality time with his wife, catching a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, or rooting on his Chicago Bears.

Favorite Band

The Cure

Favorite Place

Kauai, Hawaii or Wrigley Field

Favorite Show

Modern Family or The Sopranos