JV Kirkland

Business Development Manager

“WD’s core values inspired me to join the growth team. One of our core values encourages us to be eager to learn and willing to be wrong. Businesses should be constantly looking for ways to create, innovate and find the best way to deliver the best service or product. Workshop Digital embodies that idea. If you aren't learning, you are losing; I am here to learn and win for our partners!”

JV graduated from The American University in 2015 with a degree in Justice and Law. After spending some time in higher education, JV began his sales career working to provide business and analytical insight solutions to global leaders in legal and financial markets.

During that time, JV developed a keen interest in digital marketing and made a pivot to the industry. He has designed award-winning SEO campaigns and helped small, midsize and enterprise businesses realize their business goals.

When JV is not working, he can be found working on his lawn, finding tacos, or enjoying a glass of scotch whisky (neat, of course).


Favorite Book

The Hobbit


Favorite Food



Favorite Movie

Lord Of The Rings – The Two Towers