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Mike Breitenbach

SEO Manager

Mike joined Workshop Digital in May 2021 after seven years of digital marketing experience in the higher education industry. Ranging from paid advertising to managing large, complex websites, Mike’s experience allows him to understand how SEO fits into the broader marketing puzzle. He enjoys nothing more than finding simple, sound solutions to challenging problems.

Mike holds a B.A. in English and an M.B.A. from Virginia Tech, which lend insight into both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of digital marketing.

Outside the office, you’ll most likely find Mike playing music or cycling around the Richmond area.

Favorite Season


Favorite Place

The Blue Ridge Mountains

Favorite Hobbies

Playing music and cycling (road and mountain!)

I’ve always loved the accountability of digital marketing and the data that comes from it. Combine that accountability with strong values, like Workshop’s, and you have a perfect recipe for meaningful results.

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