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Rachel Anderson

Senior SEO Analyst

Rachel joined the Workshop Digital team in 2016. After studying mass communications and mathematics at Ouachita University, Rachel worked in her native Dallas and ate plenty of delicious Tex-Mex. When she moved to Richmond in late 2014, Rachel found her passion for data and analytics and transitioned to a career in digital marketing. In her role as an SEO Analyst at Workshop Digital, Rachel helps clients understand and implement technical, on-page, and local SEO components to help their websites succeed.

Favorite Hobby

Gardening and fermentation

Favorite RVA Restaurant

Kuba Kuba

Favorite Animal

Sphynx cat

"The SEO industry is constantly changing. In order to keep up, you need to be investigating, analyzing, and learning every day. I happen to love doing these things, so SEO is a perfect match."