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Workshop Digital Wins Outside Magazine's 50 Best Places to Work in 2020

Nov 24, 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that Workshop Digital has been named one of Outside Magazine's 50 Best Places to Work in 2020. This award carries extra weight in 2020—as this year has been tough for us, our clients, and our partners. It’s a testament to all the extra work our team members have put in to build a better agency in the face of uncertainty.

Winning awards goes beyond the physical manifestation of a trophy on your reception desk or a placard on your office wall. It’s a validation of people and processes. It’s an affirmation that the culture you have in place is working for your team. We’ve learned that culture isn't best preserved; it's better as an evolving, living element of a business. And while it's impossible to dictate culture—because company culture is shaped around a team—we’ve done some things at Workshop Digital to ensure a healthy foundation grows from within.

Empowered to be awesome in work and life.

As one of our core values, this mantra embodies our commitment to providing our team the support they need to be their best: at work, in their communities, and in their personal lives. Our core values aren't just posted on our About Us page—they're embedded across everything we do. From hiring to onboarding to quarterly check-ins, our team members bring them to life.

Our culture is perhaps best embodied by three team-led committees that facilitate camaraderie and engagement. All employees are given the option to join a committee of their choosing, where they’re immediately given a voice to participate and make an impact. While these committees were previously run by leadership and management, as soon as we turned the keys over to the team, we saw an uptick in participation and creativity.

These internal committees are separated into the following categories:

  • The Culture Committee organizes unique events that give employees an opportunity to bond as a team. This includes everything from food challenges (Pickle Day, anyone?!) to our summer kickball team (both of which were unfortunately postponed this year).
  • The Health & Wellness Committee creates initiatives to keep our team healthy and plans events such as employee-led bike rides, yoga sessions, and other wellness challenges.
  • The Community Committee facilities local volunteer opportunities. We believe in giving back to the Richmond community we love and offer our team the unique opportunity of monthly paid volunteer time.

This year, we’ve continued to see our team bring new ideas to the table—even in the face of a global pandemic. For example, the Culture Committee has organized several remote events, including a trivia night and a baby picture challenge. The Health & Wellness Committee has hosted frequent at-home lunchtime meditation sessions and invited a physical therapist to discuss healthy work-from-home habits. And when COVID-19 first hit, the Community Committee compiled a list of ways for our network to support the Richmond community.

We’re proud that we’ve sustained our encouraging, engaging culture during a global pandemic. While it’s always rewarding to be recognized for your efforts, we equally enjoy seeing our team members engage with each other and their community—even when our economy and work habits are put to the test. As we continue to take this pandemic (and any future challenges) with stride, we’ll continue to turn to our team to take the charge.

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