Content Strategy Boosts Organic Traffic by 10,210% (and Earned a Client's Trust)

Oct 20, 2016   |   Clock Icon 4 min read
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Content marketing takes patience. By our estimates, it can take 6-8 months for a strategy to drive traffic. However, we sometimes see clients panic around month 3, questioning the chosen path and wanting to abandon the strategy altogether.

Completing a successful content strategy and assuring (and reassuring) your client of a long-term strategy's value is one of the greatest challenges for digital marketers.

When you overcome this challenge and you properly execute your strategy, you can earn quality traffic and organic visibility for months and even years after publishing your final article. The potential positive impact strategic evergreen content can have for a brand is nearly immeasurable. In this case, we measured 10,201% growth to one client site's organic traffic over 19 months.

The Challenge

Our client, a local dentist in Richmond, VA, had plenty going for them: an amazing in-office experience, friendly staff, cutting edge technology and technique, and superb customer service. What they lacked was visibility in organic search.

While the client had been with us for over a year, we had only been working with them on technical SEO maintenance and monitoring. To really help them take their digital marketing to the next level, we discussed the value and long term benefits of a content strategy. They already had a blog on the site where they occasionally published content covering a large variety of topics. But with no real strategy in place and a low domain authority, their blog posts only averaged 13.24 visits per day.

Our SEO team was asked to create a long-term organic strategy that would help the client improve their organic visibility, earn high-value links, and increase appointment requests.

The Strategy

Using in-depth keyword research and insights from competitor content, we developed and implemented a two-pronged content strategy for the client:

1. Publish content that covered commonly asked dental questions and topics to maximize organic visibility. Establishing the client's website as a credible resource for dental related topics would help increase the site's quality score for both search engines and users.

2. Create high-quality linkable assets related to oral health to increase the site's domain authority. Getting the client's site to rank on the first page for their competitive dental keywords would likely never happen due to the site's low domain authority compared to their competitors. We had to earn links to compete.

Our team also involved the client in all of the content planning meetings and took the time to help them understand the long-term value an organic content strategy can have for a brand.

By taking these extra steps, we were able to earn the client's total trust in our team's ability to deliver the results they needed. They also had realistic expectations about the outcome of the strategy, and were just as excited about the strategy as we were because of their involvement with the planning.

The Results

Organic Visits


Daily Visits


Appt. Requests


Over a 19-month period, our long-term content strategy generated a 10,210% lift in organic traffic, increased daily blog visits by 105 times what is previously was, and earned the website backlinks from 44 unique referring domains.

Most importantly, it increased their organic conversions by 517%, resulting in a total of 333 online appointment requests.

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