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Evergreen Content: The Advantages in SEO and the Challenges to Creating Content That Lasts

by George Perry   |   Sep 27, 2012

Evergreen Content is content that changes very little or not at all over time - just like an evergreen tree through the seasons. Coming up with this content, however, can be a challenge.

The Advantage of Evergreen Content for SEO

The advantage of Evergreen Content is that it stands the test of time. Whether it’s six hours, six days, six months, or even six years, the content is still relevant and of interest to a segment of readers. This means that people will continue to come visit the content long after you’ve moved on to other topics.

There will always be some Evergreen Content on your website, pages like your About Us page are unlikely to have dramatic changes over time, but here we’re focusing more on content that you would place on a blog or resources section of your website. These sections of your site are great ways to generate traffic, especially for terms and topics that can be difficult to target on the more static pages of your website through other SEO efforts, as they are easier to update and can spark discussion amongst your readers, making them more engaged in your company.

The Challenges of Creating Evergreen Content

The challenge of creating Evergreen Content is tied to your industry and how fluid it is. While it’s true that you could create a post about How To Tie Your Shoes for your company blog, unless your company’s focus is on shoes and shoelaces, it’s not related and a waste of a blog post.

Coming up with Evergreen Content ideas for your niche may require you to work a bit outside of that niche, especially if your core business changes on a regular basis. For instance, writing Evergreen Content about Google’s search algorithm would be a fool’s errand because it seemingly changes on a monthly basis, but writing a post about how to hand code HTML Page Titles onto a site will have a bit more staying power, and remain relevant to SEO, since it’s something that all sites should have, and is less fluid as HTML changes less than Google’s search engine algorithm.

A few other examples of Evergreen Content topics include:

  • Medical Field Post: Recovering From ACL Surgery – What to Expect
  • Automotive Field Post: Changing Your Tire on the Side of the Road – How to Stay Safe
  • Home Improvement Field Post: When to Hire an Electrician – Before or After the Shock
  • Food Industry Post: What Exactly is "Organic"

Value to Your Visitors

The above example shows how you can use topics that may not be specific to your industry, but are related, to be of value to your readers. By having a steady source of Evergreen content on your site you can bring regular visitors to your site and establish trust with these readers by setting yourself up as a reliable source of information, both time sensitive and long-lasting.

The more relevant Evergreen Content that you can create for your site, the more opportunities you have to bring in visitors, spark discussions, and create more conversions that create more business. Investing in the creation of this content is something that every website should place a high value on, both for its SEO value and its value as a marketing tool.

George Perry