PPC and Paid Media Tactics for Manufacturing Marketers

Aug 02, 2023   |   Clock Icon 6 min read

Securing new manufacturing business can be a complex task. The industry is characterized by long sales cycles, high competition, and a need for precision in every aspect of operations. In such a scenario, traditional marketing methods may not always yield the desired results. This is where digital marketing strategies, specifically Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and paid media tactics, come into play. These advanced techniques can help manufacturing marketers overcome their primary pain points, reach their target audience more effectively, and secure new business opportunities.

Paid media services: your key to overcoming manufacturing industry challenges

A digital marketer should utilize a comprehensive suite of paid media tactics, and it’s best if those approaches are specifically designed to address the pain points of the manufacturing industry. Here are the PPC and paid media tactics Workshop Digital uses to help our clients connect with leads and customers:

1. Paid search

With the manufacturing industry becoming increasingly competitive, it's important to stand out in search engine results, especially if more of your target audience is using online resources to find the solutions they need. A paid media service helps you identify the right keywords to target and bid against, ensuring your business secures a more prominent spot in search results and attracts high-quality traffic.

2. Paid social media advertising

Social media platforms offer a wealth of targeting options, allowing you to reach your ideal customers. Paid social media helps you leverage these platforms to engage your audience, drive conversions, and overcome the challenge of reaching out to a diverse audience.

3. Display advertising

In the manufacturing sector, increasing brand awareness is a common challenge. Display advertising helps you create compelling display ads that resonate with your audience, increasing brand visibility across the web.

4. Landing page optimization

The success of your PPC and Paid Media campaigns largely depends on the quality of your landing pages. Landing Page Optimization ensures that your landing pages are designed to convert, addressing the challenge of low conversion rates.

5. Ecommerce marketing

If your manufacturing business sells products online, ecommerce marketing can help you optimize your product listings and drive more sales, overcoming the challenge of online competition.

6. YouTube marketing services

Video content is incredibly engaging, and YouTube offers a massive audience. YouTube marketing can help you leverage this platform to reach your audience in a compelling way, addressing the challenge of engaging with the audience effectively.

7. Programmatic marketing

Programmatic advertising involves using AI to automate the buying and selling of online ads. Programmatic advertising and marketing can help you take advantage of this technology to optimize your ad spend, addressing the challenge of maximizing ROI.

8. Performance creative

This service ensures that your ads are as effective as possible. Performance Creative also involves creative ideation, production, revision, implementation, testing, and analysis of your ad creative to drive continual campaign improvement, addressing the challenge of creating effective ad content.

By leveraging the right combination of these tactics and services, you can create a multi-channel PPC and paid media strategy that directly addresses the primary obstacles faced by manufacturing marketers, helping you reach the right audiences to secure new business and achieve your marketing goals.

The power of personalized PPC and paid media strategies

One of the best ways to increase leads is to make the messaging in your PPC campaigns more personal. Personalization involves creating ads that are specifically tailored to the needs and interests of your target audience. For instance, a campaign could target B2B audiences searching Google and Bing for terms relevant to your products and services, like industrial coils, industrial heat exchangers, or electrical-related terms. This level of specificity can significantly increase the chances of your ads being seen by the right people.

To further refine your audience, you can use platforms like LinkedIn to target specific companies, industries, and job functions that would be ideal prospects for your business. By adjusting bids on higher-converting audiences, you can prioritize your ads to reach more qualified prospects. This level of targeting is particularly useful in the manufacturing industry, where the decision-makers are often very specific roles within a company.

Case study: How Google Ads and Salesforce data and analytics led To 2,400% ROAS

Our paid media team partnered with a client to create a custom CRM integration between Google Ads and the client’s Salesforce platform. This integration allowed them to track which campaigns and keywords generated each lead, when they moved into an opportunity/closed deal, and what the estimated revenue was for each lead.

This complex integration involved leads moving through two CRMs in the client’s sales pipeline. Users first submit a web form which pushes the lead data to HubSpot. If qualified by sales, that user information is then pushed to Salesforce, created as a contact, and can then move through the Salesforce pipeline. This process allowed for a unique Google click ID to be persisted with the contact record through HubSpot and into Salesforce.

The result? The campaign exceeded the client's goals, generating 35% more leads at a Cost Per Lead that was 24% lower than the target set by the client. In fact, they doubled the previous year’s revenue attributed to PPC in just the first two quarters of the year. This case study demonstrates the potential of PPC and Paid Media tactics when used strategically and effectively.

“A company clicked one of our Google PPC ads and submitted an RFQ for around $47k. That'd be a nice win if the story ended there. But...

Then, two days later, the same company submitted a quote request for $1.6MM worth of [product].

Take a bow! Your work on our account continues to just be top-notch. That's a truly magnificent result.”

Nate B., B2B Marketing Manager

Start using these paid media tactics to boost your manufacturing business

PPC and paid media tactics offer an effective and accountable solution for manufacturing marketers looking to overcome common industry pain points to secure new business. By leveraging these strategies, you can reach your target audience, increase conversions, and ultimately boost your bottom line. The manufacturing industry may be complex, but with the right digital marketing strategies, you can navigate it successfully and achieve your business goals. Contact us today, and we’ll show you what a data-driven paid media strategy, personalized for your company, can do for your business.