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Stop Wasting Digital Marketing Budgets and Start Asking the Right Questions

by Andrew Miller   |   Sep 14, 2020

65% of CMOs and marketing leaders can not quantify the business impact of their marketing efforts.

Let that sink in for a moment. According to the semi-annual CMO Survey, only 35% of companies can quantitatively measure the sales and revenue generated by their marketing efforts.

These are marketing professionals with the teams and resources needed to measure their marketing efforts. Yet they still struggle to measure the ROI of their marketing budgets.

If the seasoned professionals struggle with marketing measurement, how are small and medium sized businesses supposed to compete?

The 5 most common pain points in digital marketing

In this series of posts, I am going to lay out the most common pain points that our clients describe when they initially contact us. More often than not, their root issues stem from asking the wrong questions or holding the wrong assumptions, rather than a lack of knowledge or capabilities.

I will also share the planning tools and resources we use to ask the right questions and build measurement models to help our clients understand and quantify the revenue and sales impact of their marketing efforts:

  1. We don't know if our marketing is working
  2. Competitors are taking our market share
  3. We need more data
  4. We have high agency or team turnover
  5. We are reactive rather than proactive

I have a lot to share on each of these topics so check back often for links to new posts as they are published. Want to get them in your inbox? Sign up here.

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Andrew Miller

Andrew is a data-driven marketer, speaker, and problem solver. He co-founded Workshop Digital in 2015 and as the VP of Client Services, he ensures our teams of passionate people have what they need to help our clients achieve their goals. Andrew regularly speaks to marketing and professional audiences with an authentic, passionate message to raise their collective marketing intelligence.

Andrew collects hobbies and devotes his time to his family, competing in triathlons, amateur gardening, and mentoring Richmond youth as a member of the Junior Achievement of Central Virginia board of directors.