Get your product in front of more target users.

Your SaaS company can’t retain or upgrade a user you don’t have.

SaaS companies don’t lack competitors. New ones are always emerging. “Unique” features become standard features in just a few months. Getting to users first—and helping them build habits in your product—can be the difference between a SaaS product that becomes the industry standard and one that never catches on.

More paying users, of course, means more revenue. But with SaaS, it also means more user feedback and a larger community of advocates. Those are not trivial benefits for user-driven product development.

Your SaaS marketing strategy should help you identify the right users and create the content you need to run compelling ads or show up on Page 1 for search queries about problems your product solves.

Increased traffic should mean increased conversions.

A conversion may be a demo request. Or a trial start. Or a freemium sign-up. But the traffic that SEO or a paid campaign brings to your site should be accountable for improving those numbers.

If you partner with an agency, they should take pride—and zero-in their reporting—on those bottom-of-funnel metrics. Not many do. But we don’t care about vanity metrics, and we know you don’t either.