Workshop Digital Partners

Shared Success With More Personal Partnerships

Join this group of like-minded, big-hearted specialists to create innovative digital marketing solutions.

Following some great recent partner work (thanks again, Release the Hounds), we have a clearer vision of who we are and who we want to be as a company. A big part of that is refocusing time and energy on our communities - employees, clients, and partners (that’s you).

So to formalize everything that being your partner means to us at Workshop Digital, we’re assembling a cohort of innovative individuals and agencies that have won our respect and admiration. Our goal is to help each other build better, more comprehensive products and services for our clients. And we just really like working with people that are as passionate about what they do as we are about what we do.

Building your business through your partnership with Workshop Digital

  • Sales & Revenue Growth
    • Gain a reliable source of new leads for your business

    • Gain a trusted partner to refer your clients to

    • Integration into early stage sales discussions for preliminary research, opportunity analysis, and pricing discussions

    • Potential for commissions or revenue sharing

  • Client Retention
    • We’ll provide new ideas you can take to your clients to show them you are invested in their long-term success with new solutions to help them accomplish their goals

    • Create deeper program integration - Keep clients happier, longer by creating a more “full service” or integrated solution

    • Show ROI - Workshop Digital analytics and reporting capabilities make it easier for your clients to see the value you’re providing

Building a stronger community and sharing our collective story

  • Increased visibility through our marketing network and existing event schedule
    • Tap into our marketing network and existing event schedule through these co-marketing opportunities:
      • Webinars and digital content production

      • DigitalRVA speaking opportunities

      • Co-branded lead generation campaigns

    • And we love celebrating the success of our partners through cross-promotion:
      • Partner shout outs in social & email channels

      • Social media amplification

      • Guest posting opportunities

  • Credibility built on a shared passion for our respective areas of expertise
    • Development of joint case studies highlighting each partner’s contribution to client success

    • Testimonials from shared clients

    • Tap into WD’s deep industry-specific knowledge in B2B, SaaS, home services, healthcare, financial services, and more

To find out if we’ve currently got any opportunities for you to help a client, or if you’re just interested in talking about this program, please get in touch with us today through the form below.

Brian Forrester and Andrew Miller, Co-Founders

Workshop Digital Co-Founders Brian and Andrew