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4 Questions You Should Ask Your Digital Marketing Agency

Challenges All Marketers Encounter

As a marketer, it’s your responsibility to stay on the cutting edge of trends, while executing cost-effective campaigns that target new customers and retain existing ones. From proving your return on investment (ROI), to driving more efficiency, there are goals that nearly every marketing professional shares—no matter the size of your team or the industry you operate in.

But getting ideas over the finish line can be difficult. And marketing teams look much different today than they did just ten years ago. Creating connections with your consumers is still an overarching goal—and your team still benefits from creative storytellers and problem solvers. However, to compete in today’s marketplace, your marketing department must also be supported by data-driven individuals who dive into data to uncover important insights.

These days, digital marketing is the most important tool of the marketers’ trade. For the first time, more than half of all ad spend in the United States was on digital platforms like Google and Facebook in 2020, according to the world’s largest ad buyer. Group M, a subsidiary of WPP PLC, expects marketers to spend $110.1 billion on ad spend this year—which is just more than half of the total $214.6 total ad spend forecast.

While traditional ads—including print, TV, and billboards—help many businesses, digital is becoming the most effective way to drive an effective ROI. Digital marketing delivers hyper-specific campaigns to users on the devices they choose to use. For example, paid search advertising can target consumers at their point of purchase. And search engine optimization (SEO) helps ensure that your website and related content is optimized around your intended audiences.

Okay, so you need digital marketing to scale your business. And adapting to change in a constantly evolving industry means testing new channels and new martech. As competition increases on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook, you want to ensure your efforts pay off. It’s also important to use the right technology stack and the best platforms for your efforts.

Making the most of your digital marketing partnerships.

Perhaps an overlooked component of any marketer’s job is managing and maintaining relationships with vendors and outside agencies. As the marketing world becomes increasingly specialized, it’s highly likely that you rely on partners to manage specific components of your marketing program. Whether you work with freelance web developers and UX designers, or an entire team of digital experts, it’s important to make the most of these interactions.

At Workshop Digital, we believe in empowering clients to communicate those results. We also want our clients to get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. Generating better results and greater transparency often requires knowing which answers to demand. For marketers, these answers are the difference between defending qualitative results versus proving quantitative ones to the rest of the C-Suite. This starts by asking your agency the right questions.

This guide provides four essential questions for marketers to ask their digital marketing agency. By asking your marketing partner these questions, you can help ensure that they’re looking out for your best interests—and helping you maintain an effective long-term digital strategy.