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PPC Assessment

Drive more conversions with a paid search assessment.

Build a foundation for PPC success.

While some agencies may tell you how many leads you’re getting, you need more insight into what’s working and what’s not. Whether you’re driving phone calls, customers, or signups, an assessment analyzes your current efforts and outlines how to increase conversions.

Align your paid strategy with your business objectives.

Most of our paid digital marketing engagements begin with a free Google Ads assessment. This helps ensure we can drive results. It helps identify the potential for a mutually beneficial partnership—and provides your team with a plan moving forward.

Why should you regularly assess your Google Ads account?

You aren’t generating enough high-quality leads.

Your ROI is too low—and your cost per lead is too high.

You don’t know what your current marketing agency is doing.

Here’s what our assessments uncover.

Does your account structure make sense? And where is your money going? Our assessments provide an overview of your current paid advertising efforts. Here’s what we analyze:

  1. Google Ads Account Structure
  2. Keywords
  3. Ad Copy
  4. Bid Strategies & Budgets
  5. Conversion Tracking
  6. Ad Extensions
  7. Audiences & Demographics

Your Customized PPC Assessment

Before we begin, we’ll need access to your Google Ads account. But it’s simple!

  1. You provide access to your accounts
  2. We manually review your account setup and key performance metrics
  3. You receive a curated scorecard

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