How did you get started in digital marketing?

Digital marketers come from different backgrounds, skillsets, and interests.

Mike, Moriah, and Preston share how they got started in the SEO and PPC industries.


Mike Breitenbach, Senior SEO Analyst: I think my digital marketing story starts in college. I majored in English and had a professional writing concentration which allowed me to take a lot of courses in print design and basic web development concepts. I just tried to assemble my career around those classes that I really enjoyed and those fun projects that I got exposure to, and the answer was digital marketing. It combined all the web and design and writing experiences that I got in my school and enjoyed.

Moriah Lawrence, Paid Media Analyst: I got started in digital marketing when I was working in social media management, so I was doing influencer marketing, scheduling, and strategy for clients with social media, and then content creation as well so I was working with clients to do their Tick Toks and Reels and their photo shoots and content storms that we would do for the day.

Preston Pezzaro, Senior Paid Media Manager: I went straight from an undergraduate into a master's in marketing and management program and then from there was applying out into the digital marketing world and got started with a search focus shop, and then from there I've just been in the paid media world ever since. I was looking for a combination of something i could do with the qualitative skills of my undergraduate as well as the quantitative skills I built in my graduate program, and I found that digital marketing was a great combination of the two because there's that creative aspect to it as well as rigorous data underpinnings to determining the performance of the results that you're driving. The field is really open to any one of many backgrounds. I've seen plenty of people come in straight out of a wide range of undergraduate disciplines and do really well. I think it's really more about cultivating a performance marketing mindset, and once you have that down you can really do what you will with it