How do you balance working on projects for multiple clients?

Workshoppers balance multiple client accounts at a time.

How do they do it?

Our team prioritizes time management, organization, and communicating with clients to establish realistic, timely goals and deadlines.


Preston Pezzaro, Senior Paid Media Manager: Balancing workload, the important thing to do is just staying organized and keeping notes as you have client engagements, internal meetings, then also being sure to keep a log of your changes. One tip that I would have, because especially if you're working with multiple team members, making sure that you're not overwriting or overlapping with something that someone else has already done. It also makes it nice when you have to do a retrospective, compile a report what have you, or if you just need to know well gee we see an inflection point in performance on this date did something happen? Then, if you've got that log of changes already established, it makes it a lot easier to pick apart what may have caused a change.

Patrick Cusumano, Senior Paid Media Manager: Trying to figure out how to prioritize my time when there's multiple projects coming from clients, a small part of that is intuition of knowing what's going to have the biggest impact for clients in the shortest amount of time but the most important aspect is communicating and understanding what their internal deadlines may be and even if they don't have that they're usually able to rank the importance of the projects they've requested, so organizing that in your own mind and thinking about your own time management and what's realistic, and then coming up with expectations with clients that everyone's happy with.