What is the most rewarding part of being a digital marketer?

How does our team feel rewarded in their roles as PPC or SEO team members?

Workshoppers watch their strategies come to life in measurable ways, make complex concepts understandable for clients, and constantly pursue new opportunities to learn and grow in their field.


Preston Pezzaro, Senior Paid Media Manager: The most rewarding part of being a digital marketer is being able to see in such a provable and attributable way your strategies come to life and building a campaign and then actually being able to point to the outcomes in a way that's measured after the fact. Being able to connect that outcome to the strategies that you've built that are aimed at the goal that your client wants.

Hannah Budnik, Senior SEO Analyst: The most rewarding part of being a digital marketer is the results. You have a very clear, direct line into seeing how your actions have affected the results and the performance of your clients' websites. I am lucky enough to have a great team and I find that it's really rewarding to collaborate with them, problem solve with them, and know that I'm having an effect on the results and the performance of their clients as well.

Patrick Cusumano, Senior Paid Media Manager: There's a lot of rewarding parts of being a digital marketer. One that stands out to me are the teaching or education moments I get with clients. Whenever I'm explaining a new tactic I want to try or talking about a sudden change in results, they obviously want to know what's going on. I like taking the complex ideas that are sometimes very big and hard to explain and making it understandable and digestible, and the fact that I take that time with my clients is always really appreciated and that transparency is good for continuing to build trust in the relationship.

Mike Breitenbach, Senior SEO Analyst: For me, the most rewarding part of being a digital marketer is the chance to constantly learn and keep up with all these new developments in our field. Curiosity is essential, and that's the most exciting part for me.