What qualities should a digital marketer have?

We asked our team, what are the qualities a digital marketer should have?

They answered:

Great digital marketers are analytical, creative, personable, adaptive, and humble as they navigate an ever changing industry.


Patrick Cusumano, Senior Paid Media Manager: I think to be a digital marketer you need to be analytical, creative, and personable because the job is really analyzing data, creating and implementing strategies, and communicating it all effectively with clients.

Moriah Lawrence, Paid Media Analyst: Communication is really important. You're communicating with your team, you're also communicating with your clients and just making sure that you can break down results, you can do it in a way that everyone can understand. Being able to be adaptive - this is an ever-changing industry. It's really cool because you can constantly learn new things.

Hannah Budnik, Senior SEO Analyst: The number one quality I think any digital marketer would need is humility. You've got to be able to be wrong, and learn, and grow. I'm lucky enough to have a team that really supports me through developing my humility, letting me be wrong, teaching me, and giving me opportunities to find stuff out on my own.