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Rebecca Morrow

Senior SEO Analyst

As a Southern California native, Rebecca brings food and color to her craft in SEO. She dines on creative ways to help her clients understand SEO while also delving into each of their strategies to make their content and websites the most palatable. She’s certainly “nacho” regular SEO as she looks to make clients sweet, savory, and delectable to users.

Now being an Atlanta resident for over a decade, Rebecca brings many years of experience to clients and the team by working with SMBs to top enterprise companies. She will also “taco a bunch” about SEO to anyone who will listen. Lastly, she’s punny.

Favorite Book

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.

Favorite Food

Anything Japanese, especially tonkotsu ramen.

Favorite Season

Autumn because it’s time for soup-making and warm clothes.

How would I best describe digital marketing? Well, my mom calls it, “Internet Voodoo Science,” which I’d say is pretty accurate.