Programmatic Advertising

Improve your targeting. Reach more audiences.

Programmatic Marketing is the use of automation to buy and sell digital advertising space across the entire internet. Data empowers marketers to make decisions in real-time about the ads they want to deliver. It promotes your brand to highly targeted audiences across devices and platforms—and provides more opportunity to show up across different digital spaces.

When combined with existing digital marketing strategies, programmatic can bring additional types of leads in your funnel. It can inform paid search campaigns by providing rich audience data to refine ad copy and keyword selection. And it can augment your search engine marketing strategy by helping you match campaigns around each stage of the buyer funnel. This means more searches, traffic, and conversions.

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Programmatic Marketing Strategies

Placement is key in digital advertising. You may have the most creative campaigns, but if the right people don’t see them, they won’t convert. With programmatic, you’re paying for impressions—not clicks—based on a cost per thousands (CPM) pricing. This provides increased transparency and control of your budgets. Because you’re paying a predetermined price, you can serve impressions accurately and scale campaigns accordingly.

Reach your audience where they’re consuming media.

Programmatic helps you understand your target audience and bid based on demographics, behavioral profiles, geo-fencing, and dozens of other attributes. That way, you can reach the right people at the right time on their preferred channels. Here are just a few programmatic channels we provide.

Display & Video

Reach prospects and current customers across multiple devices with a variety of engaging ad formats. Static image and rich media ads reach users across the web on millions of sites, including those which are not a part of the Google Display Network.

Native Ads

Native ads are responsive ad units built in real-time that match a particular publisher’s content and design.


Expand your reach on connected TV (CTV) devices by delivering video content and related display or video ads through over-the-top (OTT) channels.

How we work with programmatic marketing vendors

In the programmatic model, agencies use a demand side platform (DSP) to buy and pay for impressions, while publishers use a supply side platform (SSP) to sell ad space. These two platforms are then integrated in real-time to automatically allocate ad impressions based on bid prices and targeting preferences. Workshop Digital is your guide to this complex world.

We identify your needs and figure out which strategies will help you drive results. Each platform has different specialties. We partner with numerous vendors to ensure your needs are met. We help determine what types of ads will appear on which devices—and we explain how your campaigns are performing in real-time in ways that you can understand.

How can Programmatic Marketing from Workshop Digital benefit your business?

1. Better targeting.

Find and convert customers based on characteristics such as demographics, user intent, and browsing history.

2. Improved audience reach.

Benefit from a massive ad inventory across numerous ad exchanges and networks.

3. Advanced tracking.

Measure exactly how creative and campaigns are performing in real-time.

4. Transparent pricing.

The CPM model means brands pay for impressions, which can provide increased control over budget.

5. Increased efficiency.

Programmatic streamlines the entire ad buying process, increasing the speed of optimizing toward your audiences.

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