Getting seen is important to your small-medium business.

We get that. That’s why our SMB Paid Search team focuses on getting you visibility at the top of the search results, even higher than the “regular” search engine results! And of course, we know that visibility isn’t everything – you need to be seen by the right people. Our team takes the time to understand who your customers are, giving us an edge in knowing how to reach them and how to talk to them about the things they care about the most.

What Paid Search with Workshop Digital Looks Like for SMBs

We start off every client relationship by putting people at the forefront of what we do – to build your search advertising account the right way. Through a combination of our own independent research and conversations with you, we'll gain a deep understanding of your business's challenges, your customers' needs, and your overall goals. We’ll take all of that information and create a custom Google Ads Paid Search plan designed to put your ads in front of the people searching for your business. What exactly does that entail? So glad you asked. Let’s put the marketing jargon aside and get real…

  • You may have heard of Google Ads, Google Analytics, GA4, or others and been told that you need them to see success in digital marketing. That’s all true, and we’ll make sure they are set up correctly, whether you already have them or not.

  • We’ll use Google Ads to show your business to people who need you. We call it “keyword research” but essentially we’ll be figuring out exactly what your customers type into the search bar to find businesses like yours, and then make sure you’re one of the ones they see first.

  • Just showing up isn’t enough - you’re going to need good messaging to get people’s attention. We’ve got you covered there. We’ll write ads that answer your customer’s burning questions and most immediate needs. And we do our best to make the ads sound like you – from serious & straightforward to sly & silly. Our goal is to find the messaging that gets potential customers to take action.

  • You know you’re not the only business out there, and so do we. That’s why we always keep tabs on your biggest competitors in the search results. We’ll work to decode their strategies, learn their patterns, and share insights that could not only help with the work that WE are doing, but could also help you make more informed decisions about your business.

Want to stay up to date on our progress? We’ll have monthly conversations to update you on our progress and to hear from you about what’s happening in your business. Plus, we’ll arm you with a live reporting dashboard that you can access any time to see how many clicks, sales, or whatever-number-you-care-about-most that we drove last month, last week, or yesterday.

What else?

The list above outlines the core of our approach to paid search, but you’re right to ask what else factors into our process. Here are just a few of the major highlights:

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Staying on the cutting edge

Our team is made up of consummate learners, staying up to date about the latest changes that Google rolls out & making sure clients’ accounts are prepared for any major changes, or otherwise leveraging the newest technologies and features available.

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Testing, testing, and more testing

“Set it and forget it” is a mindset that should only apply to slow cooking. Whether it’s identifying and adding additional keywords that will put you in front of your customers, finding ways to stretch your budget, or testing a different message in your ads, we’ll always look for ways to make things a little better.

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A deep toolbox

With access to tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Scripts, Google Trends, Chat GPT, and more, we are able to gain insights from places most clients can only dream of that make our work more efficient, more effective, and more informed.

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Multi-Channel Approach

Banner ads, or “rich media ads,” run through the Google Display Network. They are great for spreading awareness of your business and often pair well with Google Search ads. They’re not for everyone, so we’ll make sure they make sense for your business goals before we run them.

Better together

“A rising tide lifts all boats” is as true in digital marketing as it is in sailing. When paid search and SEO work together, we often see better results across both channels. Think you might be interested in SEO? You can learn more here!

These are just a few of the ingredients that go into our special paid search sauce. If you’d like to learn more about our approach and how we’d apply the sauce to your business, reach out today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

“The Workshop team really took the time to know our products, which is huge for getting them in front of the right customers. They also quickly grasped the market dynamics and challenges faced by our brand. Not only did they provide us with actionable insights, they helped us understand the impact of their decisions. ”

Paul Watson, Co-Founder of Ledbury

“Sign me up for any marketing program where I shout from the mountaintops about your SEO audit process and delivery. A great mix of stuff we knew we needed to do, stuff we had no idea [that] was on our site, and an honest, practical discussion. Awesome, awesome.”

Steve Cummings, Vice President of Marketing at Yogasleep

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