Website Launch and Migration Services

SEO is a critical component of website launches or migrations.

The Differences Between Website Launches and Migrations

At Workshop Digital, we bucket most website projects into two camps.

  1. Website launches and relaunches
  2. Website migrations

These two categories have their nuances (more on this below). However, search engine optimization (SEO) is the common denominator across all website projects—and must be the foundation of any successful site launch or migration. That’s where Workshop Digital steps in.

Why SEO is Important for Your Site Launch

Workshop Digital works directly with your team—whether you’re a developer, agency, or business owner—to ensure your new website launch or migration project is seamless and that your site is set up for organic search success.

Sites are in jeopardy if SEO isn’t considered during a website build. Basically, you run the risk of losing meaningful traffic and rankings if it isn’t. Lost traffic from a site relaunch can be costly and take weeks—or even months—to recover. And even if your issues are resolved immediately, it takes time for search engines to crawl and recognize your fixes.

How to launch a website successfully.

The earlier you involve SEO in the website design process, the better. There’s a variety of SEO considerations that should be incorporated—including benchmarking current performance, mapping site structure, and ensuring your site is designed around end users. Workshop Digital works directly with developers and content teams to ensure everything is aligned and optimized.

Are you a developer or agency looking to partner with us?

We work directly with you and fit into your workflows. For more information on partnering up, give us a shout.

Website Migration Services

The term site migration can be applied to any situation where your website may experience changes that impact search engine visibility. This often comprises site location, structure, or design. But it can also include a move from one content management system to another.

Website migration projects are designed to resolve specific issues and improve site performance. However, they can also lead to traffic losses that impact both your rankings and revenue. SEO helps minimize the immediate effects of a site migration and safeguards your website against future problems. And it sets you up for ongoing success.

Website Launches and SEO

Launching a new website—or relaunching an existing one—is inarguably an exciting time for any business. It’s also a nail-biting process that requires smooth execution and vigilant attention to detail. A site launch without an SEO-focused strategy is a problem waiting to happen.

Website launches are nuanced and should be approached differently based on the size of your website. For smaller sites, it may be best to launch or relaunch all at once; for larger ones, it may make sense to stagger out testing in stages and approach fixes with agility. Regardless, SEO should be the foundation of any site launch or relaunch.

Are you a business owner that needs help with a website?

A website audit can uncover key SEO opportunities. And if you’re looking for website development services, we have some recommended partners.

What does a site launch look like at Workshop Digital?

Every site launch varies in process and time. That’s why we use milestones to safeguard your SEO efforts during a website design, redesign, or migration. Below is a sampling of a successful website launch plan.



Identify site purpose and review main SEO guidelines.


Site Mapping

Analyze keyword research, site structure, and URL structure.



Provide feedback on design mockups from an SEO lens.



Identify and resolve pages that aren’t following best practices.



Recommend and test redirects for existing URLs.



Submit sitemaps, monitor rankings and traffic, and adjust optimizations.

Ongoing SEO Strategy

Launching your site is the first step towards improving your online presence. An ongoing SEO strategy with Workshop Digital ensures your site gets the attention and traffic it deserves. From on-page SEO elements such as content and title tags, to technical considerations like site architecture and speed, a customized SEO strategy is designed to get long-term results.

Integrating with Your Team to Drive Results

Let’s be clear. Workshop Digital is not a development agency. And we do not build websites. However, we do integrate directly with your team to ensure you’re considering SEO best practices and setting your site up for success.