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Ecommerce has become increasingly competitive. Brands are able to grow and scale quicker than ever before. Plus, customer expectations have never been higher. There are a lot of different elements at play in ecommerce marketing, and Workshop Digital can help you better understand how to make your brand stand out by answering questions like:

  • How do we make the most of Google Shopping?
  • What is feed management?
  • What is Google Merchant Center?

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Shopping and Feed Management in Google Merchant Center

Google Shopping is the largest comparison shopping website. And as an ecommerce business owner or marketer, you’re most likely familiar with the service and realize its importance. You’re probably also aware of feed management. Perhaps you tried to piecemeal together your own feed management—only to see a few clicks per month.

Despite the prevalence of Google Shopping, many still consider the platform a black box. Feed management does, however, require specific setup and optimization. If the backend of your feed isn’t properly established, you’ll have a tough time getting your products found by consumers.

Do you know how to market your ecommerce products online?

Workshop Digital helps ecommerce businesses optimize their shopping and feed management in Google Merchant Center accounts. Here are just a few tactics that help increase the chance that your customers see your products online.

  • Optimizing product titles to maximize product visibility.
  • Providing the data your feed needs to show accurate shopping ad campaigns.
  • Managing your Google Merchant Center account.
  • Using extensions and price drops to highlight current promotions.

Why choose an ecommerce marketing agency?

The ecommerce advertising landscape is complicated. Workshop Digital helps simplify ecommerce management by consolidating all your digital marketing efforts—including search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) solutions.

Get The Most From Your Google Ads

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Why do you need ecommerce website marketing?

1. You tried to manage your own feed—and saw no results.

Google Shopping feed management takes technical know-how. Unlike other PPC advertising tactics, it provides limited control over which keywords or products appear.

2. You’re unable to track performance across all types of search.

Are you paying an appropriate cost per click for the different types of searches people are performing when finding your products?

3. You don’t have time to maintain your account.

While automation has made life easier, managing shopping campaigns requires human-led, active account management to utilize data to maximize visibility.

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