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SEO success is more than just rankings or clicks—it’s about long-term visibility and bottom-line results.

Custom SEO strategies, driven by your needs.

SEO at Workshop Digital is transparent and collaborative. It’s all about creating websites that search engines and users can find and understand. This means everything from optimizing copy through content marketing to technical troubleshooting.

Workshop Digital has handcrafted SEO solutions for businesses of all sizes. We’ve diagnosed and resolved challenges for small businesses that depend on local rankings, and international corporations that need visibility.

“Sign me up for any marketing program where I shout from the mountaintops about your SEO audit process and delivery. A great mix of stuff we knew we needed to do, stuff we had no idea [that] was on our site, and an honest, practical discussion. Awesome, awesome.”

Steve Cummings, Vice President of Marketing at Yogasleep

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On-page SEO

On-page SEO deals with individual web pages. It’s all about getting them to rank better so they attract relevant traffic. This means optimizing pages for the search engines. But it also means making sure your pages provide value to your end users.

Search engines give preference to high-quality pages that display expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. This is accomplished by incorporating front-end and back-end best practices—including content, site architecture, and HTML components—into your strategy.

Working with you to drive results.

On-page SEO strategies are catered around you. We can write content from scratch. We can optimize your current efforts to rewrite pages and provide your team with keyword research. Or, we can partner with vendors of your choosing. Ultimately, we’re here to understand your needs.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO doesn't have to sound scary. We'll share technical insights during our preliminary calls and allow these findings to guide the future of your website success.

Technical SEO influences nearly every aspect of your website.

Basically, technical SEO involves everything not related to content. It’s about making sure your site is organized and that pages are linked in a logical way. This makes it easy for crawlers to get from your homepage to important content in as few clicks as possible.

Many agencies focus on content and call it a day. But if you can’t find content in the first place, it doesn’t matter how good it is. Technical SEO ensures that your pages are indexed and found by search engines—so that end users can find and enjoy all pages of your website.

Free SEO Scorecard

Get professional analysts' insights into your Technical SEO, Content, Competitor Activity, UX, Web Analytics Configuration, and more. Get started with your free website SEO audit today.

We have solutions for your SEO challenges.

You don’t know what your current agency is doing.

We can supplement your current digital efforts or build them from scratch. We educate you every step of the way with clear communication and reporting.

Your website is not ranking in Google search.

Your website is a complex machine with many moving parts. We analyze its performance and optimize it to increase rankings and drive high-value traffic.

Your company does not appear on Google Maps.

Local search has become increasingly competitive. We optimize and manage your Google Business Profile listings to boost visibility and increase local traffic.

Your traffic has suddenly dropped.

We conduct comprehensive audits that provide answers. And we create solutions to recover lost traffic and help you gain more than ever before.

People aren’t reading your blog posts.

Good content drives qualified traffic. SEO at Workshop Digital helps refine your content creation efforts—so your blog posts reach a targeted audience.

You're not using Google Analytics to its full potential.

You may know the value of Google Analytics. But do you know what to do with all your data? We help unpack your data—so you understand and take advantage of its potential.

You don't know how your SEO is doing.

SEO at Workshop Digital is more than rankings or clicks. It’s about customized strategies and clear communication of your results.

You’re going through a website redesign.

From auditing to monitoring, Workshop Digital helps ensure a seamless website redesign. This means preserving your SEO efforts and creating new opportunities.

You need an SEO audit.

Our comprehensive SEO audit consists of five phases—and creates a roadmap for success. So, what are you waiting for? Request yours today.

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Our SEO site audit is a perfect place to start. It will help you analyze whether you should start with technical or on-page SEO — or whether you need to focus on things like local SEO or content marketing. Contact us today!