Landing Page Optimization

Get more conversions from your existing traffic through effective testing.

Your ads may be compelling. But do you know how users are interacting with your landing pages? Landing Page Optimization (LPO) helps you get the most mileage from your ad spend by testing your landing pages to ensure they’re set up for success.

You’re already paying for the traffic from your paid media ads. That’s why it’s essential to ensure you’re leading visitors down the right path to conversion. There are many variables at play on landing pages—but LPO helps ensure they’re operating at full potential.

“We hired Workshop Digital to help us build on and improve our paid digital marketing efforts—and they delivered. They helped us consistently grow our traffic and leads. They're always on top of the latest online marketing trends and make sure that our campaigns are reflecting these changes.”

Kelly Williams, Marketing Manager at Woodfin

Landing Page Optimization Services

First impressions matter in marketing. Landing pages allow you to cater messaging around your end user so they receive relevant, useful information. And testing helps ensure your traffic converts, reducing your cost per customer acquisition in the process.

What is landing page optimization?

LPO is similar to conversion rate optimization (CRO). But while CRO is framed around an existing web property—whether that’s a website or ecommerce store—LPO analyzes standalone pages. Through effective A/B testing, Workshop Digital helps fine-tune what content and other design elements are driving the most conversions.

What are the benefits of landing page testing?

1. Reinforced Ad Effectiveness

Aligning ad copy with proven landing page messaging can help reinforce your offers—and increase the effectiveness of campaigns.

2. Targeted Pages

Websites are generally catered to a variety of users. But with LPO, you can target pages around hyper-targeted segments and audiences.

3. Better ROI on Marketing Spend

Why spend your entire marketing budget on media spend and agency fees? LPO helps drive better ROI by providing more bang for your advertising buck.

4. Improved Decision Making

LPO can help you test and validate PPC strategies and other marketing ideas—including new products and other offers—before you roll out an entire campaign.

5. Inspired User Action

Websites are full of links, videos, and other diversions. LPO, on the other hand, helps reduce distractions and enables you to directly focus on actions that matter.

6. Improved Performance

Effective A/B testing enables you to gauge performance of campaigns over time. In turn, you’re able to refine messaging and drive success.

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At Workshop Digital, we help you gain oversight over your landing pages—and help control your visitor experience. We remove all distractions on your pages and help you focus attention on specific call-to-actions you want users to engage with.

With more than a decade of LPO experience, we’ve seen what works and validate all our efforts with testing. However, we also know that no two clients—or landing pages—are the same. That’s why every test is tailored around you.