Drive Revenue and ROI with Paid Search

At Workshop Digital, we believe in the power of proactive campaign management, continuous testing, and ongoing optimization. As an award-winning PPC agency, we build a collaborative, transparent, and strategic approach to PPC marketing. Far from a 'set it and forget it' philosophy, we actively engage in every aspect of your campaign to achieve your goals.

We stay ahead by integrating the latest features as soon as they hit the market. As a Google Premier Partner, we have access to the latest beta features and exclusive tools, keeping us at the cutting edge of PPC and paid search optimization.


Workshop Digital is ranked in the top 3% of Google Partners nationwide because we focus on innovation, measurable results, and sustained growth for our clients. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

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Our Proven Process: How We Win For You

Start with a Discovery Meeting

To devise an effective paid search marketing strategy, it’s crucial to fully understand your needs. In our discovery meeting, we’ll dive into your business goals, marketing technology configuration, overall marketing objectives, audience demographics, geographic targets, competitor landscape, and the specifics of your products or services. This information will then serve as the foundation for crafting your comprehensive PPC strategy.

Initial Audit and Optimization

If your business has an active Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account, we will thoroughly review your current setup to identify immediate optimization opportunities. This may include bid adjustments, negative keyword implementation, ad copy enhancements, conversion tracking audits, and more! Our goal is to quickly increase overall campaign efficiency while we work on a longer-term PPC campaign strategy. If you don’t have an existing account set up, that’s not a problem! We move right into the next stage of our process.

Strategy Development

As we develop a strategy to meet your business goals, we will conduct in-depth keyword research using top tools, analyze the competitive landscape to uncover effective marketing opportunities and recommend an account structure that aligns with your products or service focuses. Our comprehensive strategy will recommend an ideal campaign structure, specify targeted and negated keywords, recommend ad copy, and propose tactics to try and tests to execute.

Implement, Analyze, Refine

Once your new PPC campaign strategy is implemented, our work is far from done. We engage in active management of your account to continuously uncover optimization opportunities. This includes refining audience targeting, expanding negative keywords to reduce wasted spend, making strategic bid adjustments, providing landing page testing recommendations, and more. Our proactive approach ensures your campaigns are not only maintained but consistently optimized, maximizing performance and ROI.

Analytics and Transparent Reporting

Effective management of PPC campaigns is impossible without advanced analytics. Our analytics solutions offer clear, comprehensible reporting that you can access anytime, ensuring full transparency. Your data is always your own—we don’t hide it; we highlight it. As proactive, strategic, and transparent communicators, we make certain that we are aligned in our goals and KPIs, providing ongoing analysis to continuously refine and improve your campaigns

Our PPC services help answer common digital marketing concerns.

Concerned Involving Campaign Effectiveness:

Concerned about the effectiveness of your campaigns? Rest assured, your data is yours to keep. You'll receive detailed monthly reports and have 24/7 access to your campaign data to stay fully informed about your investments. We're committed to measurable results and set clear KPIs to ensure we are driving real ROI for your business.

Unhappy With Your Current Agency:

Feeling let down by your current agency? Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Unlike others who may see paid advertising as just an add-on, paid search is our specialty—it’s what we do, day in and day out! With over a decade of experience and a robust portfolio, our expertise is well-established. We offer insights and proactive, customized solutions specifically designed to drive your business results.

Issues With Communication and Responsiveness:

Expect a partnership that prioritizes transparent communication. Our team is dedicated to providing information proactively, crafting thoughtful responses, and ensuring you're well-informed and involved at every step of the process.

Frustration With Cookie-Cutter Strategy Currently Implemented:

Your business is unique, and your paid search strategy should be as well. We craft customized strategies that are aligned with your specific goals, market conditions, and product or service offerings. We reject the one-size-fits-all approach, ensuring that our PPC strategies are as distinctive as your business.

Concerned About Costs and Budget Management:

Efficient budget management is our priority to maximize your return on investment. Every dollar you invest is carefully planned and accounted for, ensuring cost-effective and impactful outcomes.

Lack of Visibility Into Results:

Worried about not having clear insights into your campaign's performance? We believe in complete transparency when it comes to your PPC campaigns. You'll have real-time access to your campaign metrics through our reporting dashboards 24/7, allowing you to monitor progress and performance. Our detailed monthly reports break down key performance indicators and provide actionable insights, ensuring you're always informed and confident about where your advertising dollars are going and how they're working for you.

“We especially like your data-driven recommendations and decision-making. When sharing data, you don’t just report the "what," but also the "so what" and "what's next."”

Michelle Mann, Senior Director of Marketing, Array Behavioral Health

Here's how to get started

Our paid search advertising services can help you accomplish your business goals, improve the efficiency of your current programs, and achieve a higher return on your ad spend. Get in touch with us today to start your free assessment.