Display Advertising

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You’ve probably heard of display advertising. But what does it mean in the context of your marketing strategy? Also known as banner ads, display ads are a critical component of pay-per-click advertising. They can appear directly on websites relevant to your business. But you can also leverage audience-based display ad strategies to reach potential customers.

Because the Google Display Network—a group of more than two million sites, videos, and apps where ads can appear—reaches 90% of internet users, display ads can help you reach more people across various stages of their customer journey.

“Would I refer you to a friend or business owner? Absolutely. I would tell them that the people who charge you several hundred dollars a month for some work with keywords are next to useless. You gotta pay to play—and Workshop Digital delivers.”

Paul Hill, Owner & President at Nationwide Electric Supply

Reach audiences before they visit your website.

Some people may view display exclusively as a remarketing tactic used to reach an existing audience. But at Workshop Digital, it’s increasingly used to target new prospects and drive new customers.

Display utilizes more “push” than “pull” tactics. It’s all about sending the right message at the right time. Rather than wait for people to search for your ad messaging, you can target users and draw them in—before they even reach your website.

Target audiences with display remarketing.

Display remarketing delivers users tailored ads or adjusting bids based on past behavior. While there are various strategies, all have the overarching goal of delivering your message to the right user at the right time to drive more conversions.

What are the benefits of display advertising?

1. Improved brand building

Like paid social advertising, display boosts your brand building capabilities.

2. Increased impressions and clicks

Display ads are designed to draw users in and direct traffic to your website.

3. Targeted tracking

Customize ads around context, behavior, location, and more.

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