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Relying solely on brute-force acquisition strategies in ecommerce can be costly and often ineffective. For sustainable business growth, it's crucial to employ targeted acquisition strategies that ensure the right people land on the most relevant sections of your site at the optimal time.

Is achieving this easier said than done? Many agencies focus merely on superficial metrics like landing page visits or ad clicks, which don’t necessarily translate into sales. In contrast, a proficient digital marketing agency should strategize to not only attract customers but also to increase the average order value and drive sales.

So, how can you ensure your investment yields the right results? The answer is straightforward: embrace data-driven digital marketing.

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Partnership Beyond Siloed KPIs

Acquisition is just one piece of digital marketing. We collaborate closely with our clients to craft and implement comprehensive SEO and paid media (or PPC) campaigns that deliver clear value—not only to analysts and in-house marketers but also to the C-suite.

Our commitment is to your growth, not to our gains from your spending. We don’t promise that simply increasing organic traffic guarantees a solid return on your SEO investment.

In an industry where through-to-sale attribution is possible, you shouldn’t have to rely on vanity metrics or insignificant micro-conversions—and neither should your agency.

Ecommerce Solutions at Workshop Digital

Ecommerce SEO

SEO for ecommerce amplifies your store's visibility in search results by optimizing elements like product titles, descriptions, and imagery with targeted keywords to draw in high-intent shoppers. A strong SEO strategy improves site structure for easy navigation and fast load times, key for retaining customer engagement. Additionally, regularly updating your site with blogs or guides that address common consumer queries helps build organic traffic and establish your market authority.

Ecommerce Paid Media

Paid media for ecommerce utilizes highly targeted ad campaigns to increase sales and display products to interested customers. Google Shopping campaigns present products in search results, while dynamic retargeting ads re-engage customers with items they viewed but didn’t buy. Social media ads, customized to user demographics and behaviors, convert browsing into purchases. Each campaign is continuously monitored to allow real-time adjustments and optimization to ad spend allocation, ultimately ensuring maximum ROI.

Ecommerce Analytics

Analytics is essential in ecommerce marketing for tracking the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns and understanding customer behavior. Tools like Google Analytics offer insights into traffic sources, user journeys or interactions, and potential sales drop-off points. This data is important for refining marketing strategies, optimizing consumer journeys, and improving conversion rates.

We Tackle Your Marketing Challenges Everyday

Buyer journeys have become increasingly complex and consumer behaviors are always changing. Navigating these changes and accurately reporting on attribution can be intimidating.

Generate Engaged Traffic

In a crowded market, standing out is critical. We utilize SEO tactics such as keyword optimization, tailored content strategies, and technical enhancements to improve your organic search presence. Our data-driven paid media campaigns are precisely targeted, utilizing continuous A/B testing and refinements to campaign structure ensuring optimal engagement, sales, and ROI.

Convert Users into Customers

Driving traffic to your site is only the first step; increasing sales and revenue is where the real challenge lies. We refine your website’s design and optimize product pages using proven SEO practices that enhance user experience and search visibility. Simultaneously, we tailor your paid media campaigns to focus on high-value products, audiences, and media mixes that maximize engagement, sales, and ROI.

Retain Your Current Customers

Acquiring a customer is just the beginning. We focus on strategies that increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat business, essential for long-term profitability and growth.

Optimize with Advanced Analytics

We transform complex data into clear, actionable insights. Our analytics track important metrics from user behavior to conversion rates, enabling precise adjustments to your marketing strategies and user experience. With transparent, easy-to-understand reports, you'll see exactly how your investments are driving results.

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Our Ecommerce Performance-Driven Marketing Services

We’re here to help you grow your business through effective ecommerce marketing solutions.

Murals Your Way has been working with Workshop Digital for Paid Search since early 2019. In that time, Charles Moehnke, our Account Manager, has driven significant revenue and traffic growth for our marketing campaigns. We appreciate his deep understanding of the ever-changing world of search, attention to detail, constant testing and bringing forth new ideas and opportunities. We couldn't be more thrilled with our partnership with Workshop Digital.”

Ahroon Yoch, VP Marketing and Ecommerce, Murals Your Way

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