We're A Small Business, Too

That means we understand the value of a partner that’s going to do their job as well as we do ours, and we excel at providing SEO, Paid Media, and Analytics services that generate revenue.

Right-sized SEO and Paid Search Solutions Designed and Priced for Smaller Businesses

We understand first-hand the unique needs small businesses have when it comes to SEO and paid search ad partnerships. That’s why we’ve invested into becoming experts in the marketing practices that help small businesses like yours see real gains in the areas that matter to you: brand awareness, leads, sales, and revenue.

We know which channels yield the best results, how to motivate audiences to become leads and sales, and we’re always testing the latest technology to see where it can help us stretch a budget or improve the return on your investment.

You’ll feel more confident knowing that people with a real passion for helping small businesses grow are taking care of your digital marketing.


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Analytics Support

Grow Your Business While Saving Time And Money With Our Digital Marketing and Technology Solutions

How do Workshop Digital's Small Business Solutions help you get the results you're looking for? We provide:

  1. SEO and paid search ad strategies tailored for small businesses

  2. Affordable pricing options to fit your budget

  3. An experienced team of SEO and PPC specialists

  4. Executive-level reporting and analytics to track your progress

  5. Ongoing support and optimization to ensure long-lasting success


Whether for a large or small business, creating websites that search engines and users can find and understand is an ongoing, collaborative, and important process in growing your brand. Our team understands the unique needs of small business clients, so we ensure that the content on your website is relevant, easy to read, and gets customers to take action.

If you want your business to be among the top results when people in your area search for your products or services, our local SEO solutions can help you improve your visibility in local search results. We know that small businesses thrive on local customers; and with experience honed on small businesses, our team will help you claim your business profile and optimize it to drive traffic to your website or brick-&-mortar store.


Looking for an affordable way to drive more traffic to your website and convert leads into customers? Wondering how to get your ads to the top of the Google search pages? We have PPC advertising solutions specifically designed for small businesses like yours. We use our expertise in pay-per-click advertising to focus on the search terms that matter to your audience, so we can help you generate more leads and convert them into loyal customers.


We provide executive-level insights into your website's traffic and the online actions you want your prospective customers to take, so you can see exactly how our SEO and paid search ads are impacting your marketing performance…and your bottom line.

Small Business Marketing paid media dashboard

Great marketing is nothing without an excellent analytics setup. Every engagement with our Small Business team includes Analytics support at launch to ensure that you’re able to track and optimize for your key performance metrics. Reliable analytics data, coupled with our Small Business Reporting Dashboard, means you can keep a close eye on performance every step of the way.

“We hired Workshop Digital to help us build on and improve our paid digital marketing efforts—and they delivered. They helped us consistently grow our traffic and leads. They're always on top of the latest online marketing trends and make sure that our campaigns are reflecting these changes.”

Kelly Williams, Marketing Manager at Woodfin

“The Workshop team really took the time to know our products, which is huge for getting them in front of the right customers. They also quickly grasped the market dynamics and challenges faced by our brand. Not only did they provide us with actionable insights, they helped us understand the impact of their decisions. ”

Paul Watson, Co-Founder of Ledbury

“We partnered with Workshop Digital for paid search and SEO to increase our new consultations—and we’ve seen big increases in patient numbers. I highly recommend them for all your healthcare digital marketing needs. ”

Dr. Ken Lipstock, Owner at Lipstock LASIK


What makes Workshop Digital's small business solutions unique?

We understand that small businesses often have tight budgets, limited resources, and competing priorities, which is why we offer affordable and flexible solutions that are designed to deliver real results while you focus on running your business.

What kind of small business reporting and analytics do you provide?

We provide executive-level insights into your website's traffic and the online actions you want your prospective customers to take, so you can see exactly how our SEO and paid search ads are impacting your marketing performance…and your bottom line.

How do I get started?

Simply get in touch with us via email or phone, and one of our specialists will be happy to discuss your needs and recommend a solution that's right for your business.

You'll be a part of the community of businesses we serve