Getting Started with PPC: A Small-Medium Business Owner’s Guide to Google Ads Success

by Chris LaRoche   |   Jan 18, 2024   |   Clock Icon 5 min read

As a small-medium business owner, I’m sure you’ve heard people saying, “you need to get on Google”, or, “if you’re not using Google Ads, you’re losing money.” Maybe they’ve even asked you, “who does your paid search” and you just smile back thinking, “oh, I actually don’t run paid search”, or, “I actually run paid search myself” or (shudder the thought), “I signed up at one point and it just goes by itself.”

Please allow me to explain why none of these are particularly good responses to the question, and how you could get your paid search (or PPC or paid digital marketing or whatever you like to call it) really working for your business!

"Well, I don’t run any paid search ads for my small business”

Well then you’re missing out on a lot of business! 62% of B2C consumers say they shop online now more than they did before the pandemic. And B2B buyers? Their willingness to spend upwards of $10m or more online has gone up 83%!

Paid search ads put your business at the top of the Google search results. Have you seen those first 3 or 4 websites that come up with the “Sponsored” tag and lament that you’re not among them? PPC advertising is how you get your business up there.

Paid ads unlock the ability to show as close to the top of the page as possible, above the organic listings.

Of course, you may be the enterprising, go-it-alone type - the kind of person to say...

"I manage the paid search accounts for my small business myself"

You do? How do you have the time?! Most small or medium business owners are busy individuals – from managing the finances to hiring, ordering (or making) products and supplies, and working the sales…why add one more thing to the plate? Not to mention, do you really know what you’re doing when it comes to paid search advertising?

The two biggest benefits you can recognize immediately from having someone else do your PPC advertising are:

  1. Getting more time back that you can invest in running your actual business.

  2. Handing the reins over to professionals who have spent their career learning the ins and outs of not just setting up an ads account, but making sure it’s running as well as it can be to generate sales or leads for your company!

Nerds like these have spent their whole careers mastering the ins and outs of PPC. They could put that experience to work for you.
At least in the above scenario, someone is at the wheel. Thank goodness you didn't say...

“I signed my small business up for Google Ads a while ago and haven’t thought much about it since”

This is VERY disconcerting to hear. The big search engines (Google Ads & Bing Ads) both have “simplified” versions of their ads platform to make it easy for SMBs to get started. But they’re also a company trying to grow their own profits – and that’s a bigger priority for them than your profits! These features can work great, but only if properly managed. That means making sure your bids are reasonable for your budget, that you’re not paying $100 for a sale that’s only worth $20, that your ads aren’t showing for services that you don’t actually offer, and more.

Expert mode allows paid search professionals more control so that campaigns can be optimized to drive the most success.

All of these things are vital to a well-run (and profitable) advertising account, and as my dad would say while sweating over the grill in the summer: if you’re not lookin’ you’re over-cookin’.

Which is why what I'd really want to hear you say is…

“Actually, I have a great digital marketing agency – Workshop Digital – let me tell you about them.”

With a digital marketing agency by your side - especially one that understands SMBs - you’ll avoid a lot of the pitfalls from those who take the solo or set & forget approach. A good digital marketing agency will take the time to understand what makes your business tick, build and manage an ad account that generates results, and stay on top of it to turn it into a well-oiled machine. All while letting you concentrate on the other aspects that make your business run.

At Workshop Digital, we’ve helped our SMB clients reach more customers, generate more sales, and provide peace of mind from knowing experienced human hands are at the controls.

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