Chris LaRoche

Director of Small Business Solutions

“What keeps me interested in the job? I get a kick out of change. I love how much this industry evolves, keeping us sharp, and forcing us to adapt. Change keeps us pliable and continually growing.”

Chris brings over 12 years of experience in the digital marketing space to Workshop Digital, having spent the majority of his career driving paid marketing strategy for clients across SaaS, healthcare, legal, retail, & more while leading teams of marketing experts.

He prides himself on staying ahead of the curve – testing & adopting new technologies, strategies, and methodologies in order to find the newest and best ways to exceed client expectations, while building strong personal relationships with his counterparts.

A South Jersey native, Chris migrated to the San Diego region of California in 2018. Outside of the office chair, you can find him catching the latest superhero movies, attempting to cook a decent meal, dabbling in some light woodworking, and accompanying his dog – Blitz – to the dog park.


Favorite Movie

Jurassic Park


Favorite Musician

Dave Matthews Band


Favorite Place

St. John, USVI