Case Study

Using Paid Search and Discovery Campaigns To Increase Revenue by 89%

The Challenge

Our tourism client’s website was losing visitors due to the pandemic. We needed to work across multiple agency partners and in-house client specialists to increase traffic while utilizing a budget that required detailed reporting. Say that three times fast.

The Outcome

Workshop Digital established an inclusive strategy across the client’s internal group, external agencies, and service teams to produce the right supplemental Search and Discovery campaigns, increasing Revenue by 89%, with a 127% improvement in Revenue per Click.

The Story

The pandemic essentially shut down the tourism industry, and our client needed a way to improve traffic to their website, even if visitors were reluctant to travel across state lines. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), they had an additional budget to use, but this money needed to be tracked in a very specific way. Plus, they had established messaging and campaigns being run by their creative agency. Workshop Digital put together a strategy that addressed the need for new processes and detailed tracking and delivered campaign concepts that complemented and supplemented the work being done by The Martin Agency to generate an 89% increase in revenue and a 127% jump in Revenue per Click.

The Approach

To bring this campaign to life, Workshop Digital partnered with our client’s internal SEO specialist to utilize Google Search Console keyword ranking reports. We identified terms with high volume and low organic rankings and targeted those terms through paid search to gain more visibility. This significantly increased year-over-year growth in traffic and helped fill in gaps in search result coverage.

Additionally, we partnered with The Martin Agency to understand the messaging across the client’s other channels, such as social media and programmatic, to create a cohesive and consistent voice for the new Search and Discovery campaigns.

We restructured the account to separate “General” campaigns from “ARPA” campaigns by identifying our client’s target audiences, including anyone searching for terms and keywords most relevant to tourism in the state. Once we established a clear view of this audience and the actions they were taking, we were able to improve key metrics through the Search and Discovery campaigns targeting those related searches.

Along the way, Workshop Digital paid media specialists made the necessary changes to internal documents to ensure proper pacing for each budget. This improvement to the process helped the client’s billing team keep costs associated with this particular campaign separate from other budgets, as per the requirements of the ARPA funding.

Additional tactics included the development of search campaigns targeting relevant keywords and a DSA campaign used to mine for new opportunities. We also built custom discovery campaigns segments from top-performing Search keywords and any relevant travel-related sites.

The Results

Workshop Digital worked closely alongside the client’s SEO specialist and The Martin Agency to implement our Paid Search and Discovery campaigns and create a powerful, consistent message that helped the program exceed targeted goals. By first adapting internal processes to better fit the needs of our client, we gave them the structure they needed to make their billing and reporting processes simple and intuitive before launching campaigns that generated the traffic and conversion numbers they were looking for.

We used the Adara platform to capture pixel data to track which visitors were booking hotels and flights as a result of seeing these campaigns, and to get a more accurate picture of the revenue generated from these efforts.