Case Study

SEO & PPC Improve Lead Quality and Drive a 52% Increase in Organic Sessions

The Challenge

Maxair faced the challenge of transitioning from traditional lead generation methods to a more robust online presence. The company needed to optimize its website for lead generation and conversions to complement its existing prospecting and referral strategies.

The Outcome

After implementing Workshop Digital's strategies, organic sessions increased by 52%, service requests from the landing page rose by 22%, and all leads generated through the new form were qualified. Additionally, optimizations to Google Ads resulted in higher Quality Scores and improved click-through rates, enhancing ad visibility and efficiency.

A landing page screen shot on a light blue background with varying colors of geometric shapes.

The Story

Maxair Mechanical, a Georgia-based commercial HVAC and mechanical services company, had struggled to generate new service leads through its website. Seeking to improve its online presence and lead generation efforts, Maxair partnered with Workshop Digital for SEO and Paid Media services. This collaboration aimed to increase the volume of website leads.

The Challenge

Previously, Maxair primarily relied on prospecting and referrals for lead generation, with little emphasis on optimizing their website content for conversions or lead generation.

The Strategy

Workshop Digital enhanced Maxair’s Services overview page, the primary landing page for paid search ads and SEO. Extensive keyword, competitor, and audience research were leveraged to drive the overall content strategy for improvements. Additionally, we included a stronger call-to-action to provide clear direction for consumers.

Our goal was to develop on-page content that effectively targets users at various stages of the marketing funnel. The updated content now includes a summary of Maxair’s history, detailed information about its service offerings, and what sets Maxair apart from its competitors. Additionally, a contact form has been added to the bottom of the landing page, which was not present in the original version.

The enhanced content addresses users' questions about Maxair’s services and provides an easy way to reach out if they are interested in the services offered. Before these updates, the page had minimal content and lacked a strong call to action.

Comparison of two web pages: the "before" page is text-heavy, while the "after" page includes logos and a contact form.

The Results

Three statistics are displayed: "+52% Increase in Organic Sessions" on a blue background, "+22% Landing Page Service Requests" on a pink background, and "100% Qualified Leads Through Form" on a green background.

Following the implementation of the new page content, organic sessions increased by 52% from April to May 2024. Additionally, service requests originating from this landing page rose by 22% during the same period. The Workshop Digital team collaborates with Maxair to review these requests, ensuring that each lead generated through the Service Request form is qualified. Since engaging with Workshop Digital, every lead obtained through the newly created form has been a qualified lead for the brand.

A bar graph titled "Service Requests" shows requests increasing from February (1), March (2), April (4), to May (5).

In our continuous effort to enhance campaign performance for Maxair, significant optimizations were made to improve our Google Ads Quality Scores. By refining keyword relevancy, enhancing ad copy, and optimizing landing pages, we achieved an increase in our Google Ads Quality Scores. This strategic focus not only strengthened our ad relevance but also led to a substantial rise in click-through rates (CTR).

Screenshot of a keyword performance table showing columns for Keyword, Quality Score, Ad relevance, Landing page experience, and Exp. CTR. Keywords like "commercial HVAC service" are listed with scores.
Screenshot of a keyword performance table showing columns for Keyword, Quality Score, Ad relevance, Landing page experience, and Exp. CTR. Keywords like "commercial HVAC installation" are listed with scores.

The improved CTR directly indicates that our ads are now better aligned with users’ search intent, making them significantly more effective. This alignment ensures our ads appear more frequently in prime positions, capturing attention and driving more targeted traffic to the website. The increase in CTR not only increases our visibility but also enhances the overall efficiency of our advertising spend, providing Maxair with a greater ROI.

A line graph showing the number of organic sessions for a service overview from 2/24 to 5/24, with an increase in April 2024.

By aligning both SEO and PPC strategies, you can maximize their effectiveness and see an impact on your business’s bottom line. Contact us today to see how our integrated approach can increase your online presence and drive stronger lead volume.