Case Study

2,400% ROAS with a custom PPC-CRM feedback loop for a B2B manufacturer

The Challenge

Generate more qualified leads that drive high quoted lead value (estimated revenue) for an industrial manufacturing company offering a very specialized product to highly technical buyers.

The Outcome

We exceeded our lead volume target by 35% with a Cost Per Lead 24% below goal, earning us a coveted Search Engine Land Award for "Best B2B Search Marketing Initiative" for 2022.

Search Engine Land Awards Winner 2022 Winner Badge.
Search Engine Land Awards 2022 Winner Badge.

Personalized PPC strategies to achieve aggressive B2B sales goals

This campaign is specific to B2B audiences searching Google and Bing for terms that deal with the client's brand and generic terms that are relevant to their products and services, like industrial coils, industrial heat exchangers and nuclear-related terms.

Our team targeted LinkedIn audiences within Microsoft Advertising ads by working with our client to generate a list of companies that would be ideal prospects for their business. The targeted companies, along with relevant industries and job functions, were then layered into the PPC program for observation. We adjusted bids on higher-converting audiences to allow the algorithm to prioritize our ads to reach more qualified prospects.

Optimizing a Custom CRM Feedback Loop with Google Ads and Salesforce

Our paid media team partnered with the client’s development team to create a custom CRM integration between Google Ads and the client’s Salesforce platform. This gives us the ability to see which campaigns and keywords generate each lead, when they move into an opportunity/closed deal, and what the associated value (estimated revenue) is for each lead.

The integration automatically feeds the lead quality, close rate, and revenue data back into Google's algorithms to optimize for higher-value clicks.

The Google Ads & Salesforce integration was extremely complex due to leads moving through two CRMs in the client’s sales pipeline. Users first submit a web form which pushes the lead data to HubSpot. If qualified by sales, that user information is then pushed to Salesforce, created as a contact, and can then move through the Salesforce pipeline. We configured field mapping at each step in the integration so a unique Google click ID is persisted with the contact record through HubSpot and into Salesforce.

Our team of B2B marketing experts consulted with the client to develop a new Salesforce process to change a contact from a lead to an opportunity to a closed deal without losing the Google click ID, allowing the offline conversion information to be passed back into Google Ads.

Exceeding Expectations and Creating Happy Clients

B2B PPC Case Study Results

The results have already exceeded the client's goals. Based on the Salesforce data for Q2, this campaign has generated 35% more leads at a Cost Per Lead that is 24% lower than the target set by the client.

In fact, we have already doubled last year’s revenue attributed to PPC in just the first two quarters of the year.

Here’s a quote from a recent email:

"Got a very exciting MQL/SQL report attached. A company clicked one of our Google PPC ads and submitted an RFQ for around $47k. That'd be a nice win if the story ended there. But...

Then, two days later, the same company submitted a quote request for $1.6MM worth of [product].

I'd say that's a ricochet PPC lead and a pretty excellent way to close the month and head into a holiday weekend. Take a bow! Your work on our account continues to just be top-notch. That's a truly magnificent result."

- Nate