Case Study

24% Increase in Organic Sessions After Site Re-launch Support

The Challenge

Health In Mind needed expert SEO support to ensure a seamless website re-launch that preserved SEO value while improving brand awareness.

The Outcome

The newly launched website garnered a 24% increase in organic sessions post-launch.

Health in Mind Case Study header image.

The Story

Health In Mind, a Midlothian-based mental health and wellness counseling service, was launching its new website and was recommended to work with an SEO partner. Workshop Digital supported Health In Mind through the site launch process.

We completed a comprehensive pre-, during, and post-launch strategy that included technical preparation, benchmarking (pre-and post), build review and feedback, redirection, and verification. Our goal was to ensure the new website launched with a strong SEO foundation.

The Approach

Starting with a comprehensive discovery, planning, and scoping phase of the project, we were able to align on Health In Mind’s objectives for their site re-launch. Without historical data at their immediate disposal, our team at Workshop Digital implemented Google Analytics 4 to the existing website to gather vital pre-launch insights. This initial step was crucial for capturing a baseline of data to inform strategy.

As the website’s development progressed, we reviewed and optimized various elements including site structure, technical specifications, mobile usability, site speed, on-page SEO, normalization practices, and analytics configuration. Approaching launch, our focus shifted to ensuring seamless URL redirection, an important step for maintaining SEO visibility.

In order to have a smooth website re-launch, Workshop Digital followed a detailed site launch strategy that contained 67 checkpoint items.

Snapshot of SEO site launch checklist.

Part of on-page SEO included conducting keyword research. We completed keyword research and identified relevant topic clusters that Health In Mind should focus on. We informed the on-page SEO strategy based on our findings from the keyword research.

List of targeted keywords.

During the launch phase, we focused on verifying the Google Search Console setup, robots.txt files, schema markup, and XML sitemaps, enhancing the site’s visibility and searchability. The schema markup that was added primarily focused on LocalBusiness, organization, and video structured data to all applicable pages.

In the post-launch period, we continue to have a heavy focus on collecting and analyzing the data, ensuring Health In Mind’s website not only maintains but grows its SEO value and brand awareness.

Old Website Homepage

Old website homepage.

New Website Homepage

New website homepage.

The Results

We managed to gather just over a month’s worth of data after implementing analytics, which, although limited, offered more insights than operating without any data at all. Our analysis of the newly launched website garnered a 24% increase in organic sessions when comparing data from the previous month of the old site.

Organic Session results pre-launch and post-launch.

Typically, websites will see a dip in organic traffic post-relaunch, so this uptick is positive to see in month one and can be attributed to the collective partnership between Workshop Digital and Health In Mind.

There has also been a 6% increase in clicks to the website, indicating that the new website is attracting more clicks for keywords relevant to their business, such as grief counseling midlothian va, therapist midlothian va, and midlothian mental health. These encouraging outcomes are a testament to Workshop Digital’s comprehensive keyword research that fueled the optimization of website content, including metadata.

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“I have met with multiple members of Workshop's team who have all impressed upon me Workshop's commitment to quality customer service, responsive and clear communication, and a unique ability to humanize the work they do. Thank you."
DJ Johnson, Owner of Health In Mind

Remember, launching a new website without SEO support can result in decreased organic visibility, and traffic. If you're considering a website overhaul, contact us today to mitigate any loss in SEO value.