Case Study

1,039% ROI Generated by Switching from Google Ads Smart Mode to Expert Mode

The Challenge

Increase projects booked and revenue generated from paid search campaigns by precisely targeting a high-value demographic in the Utah area.

The Outcome

By switching to Expert Mode in Google Ads, the campaigns generated a $59k remodel project, resulting in a 1,039% ROI.

The Story

Our interior design client approached us with a clear objective: to refine their advertising strategy to secure more projects. Despite their efforts in leveraging a Google Ads Smart Mode campaign before working with Workshop Digital, they were not achieving the desired results. Their goal was to position their ads prominently before a specific demographic: individuals interested in building new, luxury homes.

With these challenges in mind, our team set out to build our client a Google Ads campaign in expert mode that honed in on their target demographics such as location and household income.

The Strategy

In working with our client, we identified high-value zip codes and towns in Utah that aligned most with their target persona. From there, we executed a Google Search campaign leveraging expert mode and paused the smart mode that was previously used.

What is the difference between smart mode and expert mode in Google Ads you may be thinking… to simplify it:

  • Smart Mode: A simplified version of Google Ads that was designed to simplify the advertising experience, saving companies the time and effort that goes into managing a full-fledged Google Ads campaign. This campaign type heavily relies on Artificial Intelligence to drive results and reduces the amount of levers you can pull.

  • Expert Mode: This campaign type offers the full range of Google Ad features such as campaign type, bidding strategies, keyword targeting, audience layering, and more. This campaign type is typically leveraged by marketers who have more time and experience to truly understand and optimize their campaigns.

In switching Google Ads over to expert mode, we created a Google Search Ads campaign that targeted high-value keywords, zip codes, cities, and HHI, while also having the ability to control the bidding strategy that is leveraged on the campaign.

Lack of relevant search terms in Smart Mode:

Lack of relevant search terms in Smart Mode.

Search terms after switching to Expert Mode and refining targeting:

Search terms after switching to Expert Mode and refining targeting.

The Results

Since switching to expert mode, we were able to get rid of all the junky, irrelevant traffic from the Smart campaign. With a refined targeting strategy in expert mode, we were able to match our ads to more relevant search queries and show our ads to people looking for our client’s services. This led to our client closing on a $59k remodel project, resulting in a 1,039% ROI.

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“Workshop Digital’s expertise around customer targeting helped us to find the right clients.”

Molly Louthan, Chief Executive Officer at Lisman Studio

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