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Closing The Loop With Sales To Improve On Good Results

Nov 18, 2022

More often than not, businesses turn to Workshop Digital to help course-correct existing digital marketing programs to achieve a better return on their investment. But what about when things are going well? How do we improve on paid media success and create a plan of action for continued growth? For one financial client, we found added value in speaking more directly to our target audiences by looking at sales data and putting more of a focus on benefits over features.

Finding the Right Message

We knew people were seeing our client’s message, and the sales team was getting good results from the leads our ads were generating. Those closed sales give us the valuable closed-loop data we need to help continuously refine the program. We’re able to identify the keywords that bring in the most wins, adding long tail keywords to further refine these audiences and ensure they understand the B2B value of the client’s products and services. We move dollars away from keywords that trigger rejections, so we can increase the funds supporting the successful terms without needing additional budget.

We set up Google Ads offline conversion imports to allow us to upload qualified leads and closed wins so we can concentrate on the data that’s most pertinent to each initiative. Using closed-loop data gives us the ability to make our ad creative more compelling while keeping the program running at maximum efficiency. This practice is the most successful tactic for this client to date, and it’s been that way for a long time. We’re taking this data and mixing technical updates with creative improvements to take programs like this from good to record-breaking.

Our data also helps inform the improvements to the focus of the ads. We lean more heavily into highlighting the benefits of the products and services and shift away from simply listing what the client offers. We add display ads to raise brand awareness for a full-funnel approach.

Landing pages also receive supporting updates to ensure a consistent experience. Where most prior updates were aesthetic in nature, these new changes started with testing ad copy and features based on trends in the search query report. These shifts had an immediate effect, with our client experiencing the most number of sales they’d ever had in the first month after changes were made.

To add one more source of data, we use CallRail to flag qualified phone leads. This helps us most when refining keywords, showing us the search terms affiliated with prospects that not only qualify as leads, but close as sales.

Smarter Strategy Leads to Bigger Success

The changes made to this client’s program led to a 100% increase in year-over-year closed sales. By utilizing the latest tools available through Google Ads and closing the loop with client partners on the sales team, we’ve set the client up to enjoy long-term success.

Contact us to find out more about the strategy and tactics used in this program, and how we can help you find ways to enjoy similar wins!