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What Compliance and SEO Have in Common

Improving the Customer Experience with Compliance

Compliance is often a necessary evil. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Whereas the customer experience is a noteworthy buzzword—and something that most teams have in the back of their minds at all times—compliance is generally met with negative connotations. Organizations in highly-regulated industries know that they have to be compliant, but it’s generally not the first thing they want to discuss. In fact, compliance has become something of a necessary evil.

What if we said that compliance can be a positive part of working in the financial services sector? Compliance is all about meeting your customers halfway and providing them with safe, honest experiences with your brand. When approached through this lens, it doesn’t sound so scary, does it? And smart marketers can use the concepts of compliance to their advantage.

What are the similarities between compliance and digital marketing—especially SEO?

Much like legal and regulatory compliance are integral to the coexistence of financial institutions and consumers, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to the growth and trustworthiness of businesses in the eyes of a discerning customer base. Ultimately, both compliance and SEO can have significant impacts on financial services firms’ ability to grow.

Download our guide to learn how compliance and SEO are alike—and how implementing digital marketing at financial institutions can help you stay on the straight and narrow with consumers.