As an SEO or PPC team member, what tasks or projects are your favorite to work on?

Workshoppers provide valuable PPC and SEO services for our clients to attract new consumers.

From PPC campaigns to SEO deep dives and on page optimization, our team shares some of their favorite digital marketing tasks and projects.


Patrick Cusumano, Senior Paid Media Manager: My favorite kind of tasks to work on on the PPC team are the organizational aspects of PPC, so building logical account structures and filling campaigns with the right keywords and allocating budgets and optimization time in the ways that will get the most bang for our buck.

Mike Breitenbach, Senior SEO Analyst: My favorite SEO projects to work on are mostly technical projects. I really like diving deep into a website to find out what are the systemic issues that may not be obvious to a user or to a non-technical staff member, or even to a developer. Those kinds of technical projects allow us to provide a unique value and spot those issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Marlena Stone, Paid Media Analyst: My favorite kind of projects that I've worked on with the PPC team so far were building out accounts for new clients because I got to work from scratch and really get to know our client and what they needed.

Hannah Budnik, Senior SEO Analyst: As an SEO team member, I have found myself really enjoying on-page optimization. There's something really rewarding about making small changes and small recommendations for updates to a page or language used or the structure of the page and being able to track the results.