What advice do you have for someone interested in a career in digital marketing?

What should students or those interested in making a career change do to explore a career in digital marketing?

Our team recommends doing your research by making industry connections and testing your skills with digital products and platforms.


Patrick Cusumano, Senior Paid Media Manager: For someone interested in digital marketing, I would say get your feet wet however you can. If you have access in any way to any sort of active Google Analytics or Google, Facebook, or Microsoft Ads account, then take a look and see what you can learn by poking around. All of those companies have training platforms for all of their ad products. If you're interested in just hearing what people are talking about in the industry, there's plenty of blogs you can follow. But, whatever sort of actual experience you can get looking over someone's shoulder or anything like that is really valuable.

Marlena Stone, Paid Media Analyst: The advice I would give to someone interested in a career in digital marketing is to get online, do some research, talk to your professors. You never know who's going to have a connection where and that's always been really helpful. My most helpful information was Patrick came and talked to JMU, and talked about Facebook Ads. I never thought of digital marketing in that sense. Talking to Patrick who was a JMU grad and seeing you can do it, it was really helpful.

Patrick Cusumano, Senior Paid Media Manager: You're going to mess up, and I think that the first time that I either overspent a budget or underspent the budget by a significant amount, it really messed with me emotionally. But, learning that it's going to be okay and the biggest part that helped me with that was the management and leadership at Workshop had my back and was there to help me deal with the client aspect of that, and it made me better for it.