Case Study

Workshop Digital Helps a Healthcare Technology Firm Drive Qualified B2B Leads

The Challenge

A healthcare technology company struggled to generate qualified leads. While they wanted to reach decision makers in the healthcare space, they were unsure where to allocate time and resources.

The Outcome

Workshop Digital used LinkedIn Ads and SEO to leverage content that focused on service lines to reach decision makers on LinkedIn—which generated qualified leads and improved cost efficiencies.

The Story

In April 2019, Workshop Digital partnered with a healthcare technology company that had struggled to generate qualified business-to-business (B2B) marketing leads. The company came to Workshop Digital to help form a sound strategy and take their digital marketing to the next level. They were looking for a partner to serve as an extension of their marketing team.

The Challenge

Prior to the partnership, the client was having difficulty targeting decision-makers and educating them on a solution. While they had a goal of reaching C-suite, vice president, and director-level decision-makers in the healthcare space, they were unsure where to spend their time and marketing dollars.

The client had tried Google Ads, but did not generate qualified leads for their healthcare tech firm, so they pivoted to LinkedIn Ads. After running campaigns for two months on their own, and generating a total of three leads at a cost-per-lead (CPL) of $128, the company turned to Workshop Digital for help.

The Approach

Workshop Digital changed the focus of the client’s LinkedIn campaigns from their brand to service lines, which emphasized lead generation. The Workshop Digital search engine optimization (SEO) team conducted research to create effective topics for content development. They also promoted existing white papers focused on service lines across LinkedIn Ads to target three audience types: C-suite and vice presidents in the healthcare space, membership skills, and membership groups. The goal was to generate 400 leads across all marketing channels in 2019, which broke down to 34 leads per month.

Workshop Digital also helped determine channel investment costs to devise a strategic LinkedIn advertising approach. This involved evaluating and testing performance through audience targeting including demographic, geographic, job title, and company name, as well as custom audiences. It included creating, testing, and optimizing ad copy and creative to improve click-through and conversion rates. And it meant continued optimization of budget management to drive cost-per-click down.

The Results

From the campaign launch in April 2019 to October 2019, Workshop Digital generated 281 leads through LinkedIn Ads lead forms. Serving as an extension of their marketing team, Workshop Digital optimized campaigns from an average CPL of $128 to $46, resulting in $23,006 saved.

By partnering with Workshop Digital, the client freed up internal resources. Ultimately, trusting in a digital partner to create and execute on a strategy has helped position them to outpace their goal of 400 leads in 2019.

February 2019 to October 2019 saw a decrease in cost per lead. The client turned off ads in March 2019 and Workshop Digital took on the account in April 2019.

February 2019 to October 2019 saw an increase in lead volume. Workshop Digital has helped generate 281 leads through LinkedIn Ads to date.