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Digital Marketing Budget Blueprint

Build a Successful Digital Marketing Budget

Wondering if you're allocating your resources effectively? Find it challenging to adapt your budget to the rapid changes we experience in the world of digital marketing? Maybe you struggle to prove performance and gain buy-in from stakeholders? We know those challenges.

Our Digital Marketing Budget Blueprint holds the answers to help you effectively optimize your budget, set clear objectives, measure ROI, and plan for growth.

We guide you through the process of building a successful marketing budget and include our experiences utilizing new technologies over the last year to show you how and where you should invest in innovations like AI to give you an edge over your competitors.

Discover the formulas that show you the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing initiatives, and learn how to use that data to make adjustments for maximum impact.

What You'll Find Inside:

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Formulas For Must-Have Budgeting Metrics

You'll find helpful formulas that can provide a foundational understanding of how your marketing translates into tangible results.

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Insights And Projections From Top CMOs

We did the research so you don't have to. See what CMOs are thinking about their budgets, based on responses from the latest CMO Survey.

Strategy Based On Agency Experience

These are the solutions we share directly with our clients to help them get more from their budgets.

Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing Budget Blueprint

Here's our recommendation to make the most of this guide:

  • Dive In – Set aside some time to thoroughly review the insights and strategies provided in the blueprint.
  • Take Notes – Something resonates? Write it down!
  • Implement – Reading the blueprint only goes so far. Take action and work our steps into your budget process to see tangible results for your business.
  • Share the Guide – Was our blueprint helpful? Share it with your network!

Feel confident knowing you're creating a budget that will help your business grow without over-or-under investing, or in the wrong places. This blueprint will help you build a marketing budget that takes advantage of all the latest advancements in technology while accounting for any potential hurdles from changes in privacy and security regulations or the economy.

Ready to take your business to new heights? Download the guide.

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