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Digital Marketing Budget Blueprint

Plan Your Marketing Budget Around Data To Maximize Your Revenue

Use our formulas to create a digital marketing budget that takes into account all the variables that will impact your success and the return you see on your marketing dollars. This blueprint for constructing a successful marketing budget in 2024 includes our experiences utilizing new technologies over the last year to show you how and where you should invest in innovations like AI help get ahead of your competitors.

This marketing budget guidebook includes a break down of the formulas you need to easily plug your data in and get real, actionable numbers for your 2024 strategy. You can see exactly where need to make adjustments, and being able to show other stakeholders this level of detail will help win buy in for your proposed budget.

You'll be able to compile a comprehensive digital marketing budget that includes:

  1. Staffing and training
  2. Software and technology implementation
  3. Content and creative
  4. Paid media management

The Tools You Need To Create An Effective And Efficient Marketing Budget in 2024

Your Digital Marketing Budget Blueprint guidebook includes:


Formulas For Must-Have Budgeting Metrics


Insights And Projections From Top CMOs


Strategy Based On Agency Experience

Finalize Your Marketing Budget Today

Feel confident knowing you're creating a budget that will help your business grow without investing too much, or in the wrong places. This blueprint will help you build a marketing budget that takes advantage of all the latest advancements in technology while accounting for any potential hurdles from changes in privacy and security regulations or the economy.

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