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Google Analytics 4 Set-up and Migration

Prepare for the future of Google Analytics so you can migrate to GA4 with confidence.

Universal Analytics is going away

Google Analytics 4 (previously known as "App + Web") is set to become Google’s default analytics platform on July 1, 2023. That is also when the current generation, Universal Analytics, will stop processing data. Setting up GA4 now means better data and organizational comfort so that when Google flips the switch, your business is ready.

Migrate with confidence

The Workshop Digital team has been using GA4 since its release in 2020. Our Google Analytics experts can help configure GA4 for your business, ensure a seamless migration, and train your teams on how to make the most of the new platform.

A successful migration also means data preservation. We can establish backups for your current Google Analytics data so that your business maintains critical historical information.


Align your business objectives with a GA4 measurement strategy to reveal the true value of your digital marketing.


Set up GA4 to track key actions across your web properties and back up historical data from Universal Analytics.


Update your digital marketing reports and train your teams to start making better decisions using GA4’s new event-driven data structures.

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