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Google Analytics 4 Set-up and Migration

Prepare for the future of Google Analytics so you can migrate to GA4 with confidence.

Migrate to GA4 with confidence

The Workshop Digital team has been using GA4 since its release in 2020. Our Google Analytics experts can help configure GA4 for your business, ensure a seamless migration, and train your teams on how to make the most of the new platform.

What's included in our GA4 Set-up and Migration service?

GA4 Dashboards & Reports

You'll get a Google Data Studio Dashboard connected to GA4 to help you share your data within your organization.

Measurement Strategy

We document the configurations, customizations, and definitions of all goals/conversions in GA4 to give you peace of mind.

GA4 Configuration & Implementation

We'll tag your website, customize GA4 events and conversions, and give you the data you need to make decisions, confidently.

What about historical data preservation from Universal Analytics?

A successful migration includes data preservation. We will create backups for your current Google Universal Analytics ("UA") data so that your business maintains critical historical information.

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3 Ways to Save Universal Analytics Data for GA4

Marketers that plan ahead will be able to download and store their historical data from UA before Google removes it. This saved data will allow you to compare against historical trends and bridge the gap until you have enough GA4 data to carry you forward.

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