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How Digital Marketing Can Help Banks Make the Most of Their Data

Financial marketing tips for your organization.

In a future marked by both innovation and ambiguity, one thing is for certain: both businesses and consumers have continued to focus on digital options. As consumers increasingly demand convenience and best-in-class services and products, integrating the digital and physical realms has become a top priority for many financial organizations. In fact, according to the Financial Brand’s Digital Banking Report, 75 percent of organizations worldwide consider digital banking transformation among their top three priorities for 2020 and 2021.

As more consumers opt for online banking over waiting in a queue at physical locations, it can be argued that this has created a new opportunity for existing regional and local financial organizations to thrive. However, banks must unify their data across every touch point, channel, and product line. And they need consistent messaging across all communication channels, including emails; websites; products and apps; service, transactional, and support interactions; and sales and marketing channels.

Effective digital marketing for banks means unifying data across all touchpoints.

Financial companies must make the most of data—across every touch point, every channel, and every product line. They also need unified messaging across transactional interactions, email, websites, products and services, customer support, and sales channels. Banks that are able to make sense of their data can deliver personalized services based on these nuances.

This guide reviews financial marketing trends such as:

  • How banks can gain a competitive advantage and succeed without becoming the next big tech company.
  • How big data is impacting the industry—and how banks can leverage it to provide an enhanced customer experience.
  • How paid search marketing for banks, including PPC (pay-per-click), provides an unprecedented level of customization and return on investment (ROI).
  • How forming partnerships with digital marketing agencies can help banks and other financial institutions make the most of their data.

Download this guide to learn why big data matters—and how digital marketing for banks can help teams make the most of their own data.