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Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC advertising provides immediate, consistent visibility. And it serves as a foundation for leads and sales.

Target your audience. Grow your business.

Workshop Digital helps companies create successful search, display, remarketing, and paid social media campaigns—no matter their industry or budget. We’ve worked with monthly spends ranging from $600 to six figures.

PPC at Workshop Digital is a true partnership. Accounts are built and monitored by a team of dedicated analysts. Because management fees are independent of ad spend, we report on progress and deliver objective recommendations to grow your business.

Workshop Digital is a Google Premier Partner.

With increased campaign performance and dedicated support from Google strategists, Workshop Digital is the trusted Google Ads partner you've been looking for.

PPC Case Studies

Case Studies  |   Clock Icon  4 min read

Dental Practice Sees a 67% Increase in PPC Leads Following Rebrand

This meant focusing on patient requests and retention.

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Case Studies  |   Clock Icon  3 min read

Workshop Digital Helps a Regional Bank Navigate a Merger & Acquisition

See how the bank increased conversions and awareness in a new market.

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Case Studies  |   Clock Icon  2 min read

Medical Practice Increases Form Leads by 90% Within One Year

Refined data collection and testing led to CPL and lead generation improvements.

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Why do we need PPC?

We don't know how PPC affects business revenue growth.

Paid search is more than targeting the right people at the right time. It’s about testing, adapting, and measuring performance so you can make decisions to impact growth.

We don’t know what our current marketing agency is doing.

Transparency isn’t just a buzzword. Because management fees are independent of ad spend, we’re able to provide objective recommendations.

We don’t know how much we should spend on PPC marketing.

Your marketing budget depends on things like revenue, industry, and size. That’s why we handcraft PPC solutions based on your needs and business goals.

We don’t know which platforms to choose.

From Google and Facebook, to LinkedIn and other social platforms, we help determine which advertising avenues make the most sense.

We don't have an attribution strategy.

Users interact with brands across a variety of touchpoints. We uncover when, why, and how traffic is coming to your site—and provide data to focus your efforts.

Our ROI is too low—and our cost per lead is too high.

Lowering your CPL means paying less for each lead. We help identify who should see your ads and ensure you’re spending money on qualified traffic.

Our accounts are too complex for our team to manage.

Consider our dedicated team of analysts an extension of your team. We help you scale, no matter the size or complexity of an account.

We aren’t generating enough high-quality leads.

We create a strategy that focuses on your target audience. Negating low-value, low-intent users helps maximize your visibility to high-value prospects.

Our competitors are showing above us on Google.

Beating your competition means understanding them. Our audit and management capabilities enable you to gain competitive advantage that customers can see.

Ready to get started?

Build a foundation for paid marketing success with a PPC audit. Our free audits assess the state of your account—and provide your team with a clear paid search strategy.

PPC Resources

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How Paid Search Advertising Can Help Your Business: A Beginner’s Guide

If you are new to the concept of paid search advertising, the overwhel…

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Understanding Geographic Targeting & Reporting

AdWords location targeting can be a very confusing topic, especially a…

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How to Win at LinkedIn Ads

Facebook usually dominates the paid social conversation, with Twitter …

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“Would I refer you to a friend or business owner? Absolutely. I would tell them that the people who charge you several hundred dollars a month for some work with keywords are next to useless. You gotta pay to play—and Workshop Digital delivers.”

Paul Hill, Owner & President at Nationwide Electric Supply

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