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Analytics Self Assessment

Oct 07, 2022

Is your web analytics data helping you make better decisions?

Web analytics data is an essential input for making better decisions within your company. Yet, most marketers are leaving money on the table by relying on instinct or opinions. Take our free Analytics Self Assessment to find opportunities to improve your marketing measurement and performance.

This assessment helps you use analytics to make better decisions and measure your marketing performance

The calculator is built in Google Sheets. Simply review each statement and rank your business on a scale from 1-5, where 1 is "weak/not applicable" to 5 "strong".

The sheet will automatically calculate your score out of 100% and suggest next steps to put your organization on the path to more useful analytics.

Analytics Self Assessment

Why better data, not just more data, is the key to success

When data is in your company's DNA:

  • You can tie your digital marketing KPIs to your bottom line
  • Analytics reports are shared and understood across the organization at key decision-making points
  • You can connect online and offline data to map the full customer journey
  • You can detect anomalies and intervene if needed
  • Somebody is accountable for your analytics program

Simply put, better analytics leads to faster growth.

77% of senior marketing executives are investing in analytics to improve digital marketing performance. (CMO Survey, September 2022)

How Workshop Digital can help you get more from your analytics data

We believe that passionate people create powerful results with handcrafted digital marketing strategies. Our collaborative approach allows you to customize how we work together.

Our analytics services are designed to give you more visibility into your data with detailed tracking, customized dashboards, and insights into what matters. We combine super smart humans with the best-in-breed data visualization tools to create reporting that is actually useful for our clients.

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