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Search Engine Optimization

Handcrafted SEO solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Paid Media/PPC Advertising

Expert paid media and PPC strategies with measurable results.


Web Analytics and Reporting

Helping you make better decisions with your data.

What sets Workshop Digital apart?

We believe passionate people create powerful results

We're data-driven marketing specialists by trade. But more importantly, we're passionate about building strong relationships with our clients. We work collaboratively to make decisions that have the biggest impact on our clients' overall business goals. We’re dependable, reliable partners. We’re on the cutting edge and work to uncover new solutions and test new approaches. We’re lifelong learners who are genuinely interested in our craft and excited to share and explain our findings.

Trusted by savvy marketers since 2007

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“With the Workshop Digital team, I am able to overachieve a lot of marketing goals, including driving people to our website and generating high-quality leads. I really love working with them and I consider them part of my marketing team.”

Dora Kuo, Marketing Director

“We hired Workshop Digital to help us build on and improve our paid digital marketing efforts—and they delivered. They helped us consistently grow our traffic and leads. They're always on top of the latest online marketing trends and make sure that our campaigns are reflecting these changes.”

Kelly Williams, Marketing Manager at Woodfin

“Workshop Digital helped us find opportunities to reduce wasted spend and provided us with recommendations to improve our paid search campaigns. Plus, they helped us refocus our entire marketing budget. Great work from a great team.”

Ryan DiMillo, Director of Digital Marketing at LifeStorage

Strong relationships are built on trust

1. You work directly with our expert analysts. Enjoy close collaboration with talented analysts—nothing is lost in translation from client to account manager to analyst (and back again).

2. You get total transparency about your data and our methods. You own your data—and access to as much of it as you want. You'll know exactly what we’ve done, what we’re planning to do, and how we do it.

3. Your goals define our success. If you want to know the value of a blog post visit or lead form submission, we'll help you get there. Our job is to improve tracking and attribution—and help you understand the process.

Award-winning culture and industry-leading work